July 2010

The name of the 14th week st of the stitch challenge TAST2010 by Sharon, is quite long.  But my sampler of the st is quite small.I started  the basic herrinbone  with a thickthread[twine]

buttonhole h-bone st, -1

the fabric  is handloom cotton,striped.Made marks to make the stitch even.

buttonhole h-bone samp-1

the 2nd line, the herringbone st is of varying height.

3rd line-changed the width of the herringbone st.

But-hole h-bone samp-3

4th line -alternated 2 colours.

5th line-Added  fly sts  on the valleys .

 6th line-the whole stitch is over a line of cretan stitch.

buttonhole h-bone sampler

7th line- Added sequins and beads  on the peaks .

last line-detached chain, and straight sts are done on the valleys.

 I throughly enjoyed doing this stitch sampler.

The 13th week stitch  of the TAST2010 Challenge by Sharon is Raised cup st.

I have never tried stitches of this type,earlier for stitch explorer challenge, I tried trellis st and casalguidi st, but I can’t say I have totally explored or mastered these 2 stitches.

 This time around, I did not get many ideas, just tried the st over and over with different threads-

1.large triangle- similar to pearl cotton.

2.rim jim thread

3.3 strands cotton skein

4.small pearl cotton

5.6 strands cotton skein


7.varigated cotton skein 6 strands.

Raised cup st samp-1

Raised cup st sampler -1

the next picture is the close up of the few variations I tried-

Raised cup st samp-2

In these variations, I just added  some detached chain sts,fly st,  and some straight sts.
 The sampler-

raised cup st sampler

12th week stitch of the TAST2010 challenge by Sharon is sorbello stitch.Though I had saved samples by Sharon,I forgot to check them out before trying this stitch.This is a simple stitch,now with the sampler-

sorbello st samper-1

2nd line-The width of thebottom of the every alternative st is widened.

3rd line-In this I altered between- wide and narrow stitch

4th line-large and small variation of the stitch.

5th line-I tried alternatively widening and narrowing the top and bottom part of the stitch-[sometimes I also  forgot what I was doing]

6th line-simply changed the colours.

7th line-this variation is more clearer in Sharon’s sampler.

sorbello st sampler-28th line- added some beads, could have used some contrasting colour. last line-With fly stitch variations.the full sampler-Sorbello st sampler

After seeing other’s samplers, I feel, I didn’t explore this stitch  very well.

This is the tenth week stitch of the TAST2010 Challenge by sharon,When I started on this challenge, I never imagined that I ‘ll like it so much,and I’ll start my own personal library of stitches.Sharon inspires me a lot.I am really motivated by her accomplishments which She generously shares with everyone.

I  didn’t post this stitch  , because it was similar to18th week wave st .

Now for the stitch sampler.This stitch required tacking stitches for the clouds, I took a short cut method by doing this  in a polka dotted fabric. Though this st is basically a filling st,I did it in a line.

cloud filling-1

This stitch is a versatile st.I just kept adding more lines.

Cloud filling samp-2In this I closely placed the basic stitches , used 2 colours and sequins in between. Next one is with alternating 4 detached chain st in between.Cloud filling samp-3In these two lines, one is with sequins in the gap,another is 3 straight stitches in the intersection.Cloud filling samp-4

The above variations are done by adjusting the tacking stitches.

Cloud filling samp-5

the top line is one short cloud st and one long cloud st.

The next 2 lines- with fly stitches, and detached chain sts.
 bottom line-I placed more sequins.

Cloud filling samp-6

I tried whipping the stitch, But it looks more like,  two threads were inserted into the tacking stitches.
I tried using different shades of the same clour on the next line.
The last line is a trial in doing this stitch vertically.
My cloud filling st sampler–

Cloud filling sampler -7

It was really easy to do this stitch in this fabric
The tacking stitches I made in cotton skeins with crewel needle,
And the cloud filling is done in pearl cotton with tapestry needle.



July 9, 2010

Marroon tunic.

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This tunic is dark red  woven silk.The colour is quite bright.I used bright yellow for the yoke. WRONG idea! They clash with each other.I added beads too.All these things did not occur to me while I was working, but it was bright enough[even for me] to understand. the tunic-

Maroon tunic-1

Now we”ll see the close up  of this yoke-

maroon tunic-2

The stitches used are – chain stitch, coral st, back st, Straight st.


July 8, 2010

Lavender tunic

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This tunic was designed and embroidered some time ago.the fabric is cotton. For along time, I couldn’t get any idea for this tunic.it was always staring at me, It was too plain to leave it as it is. Since no idea was forthcoming, I decided to do a simple  chain st  filling.

This type of design is common for kashmiri embroidery,is done with an  aari needle. Generally the design is big and covers the area from neck to waist. I did avery simple one, because I wanted to complete it fast.I used crewel needle.

Lavender tunic-1

The designing part was quite easy,Just alternating between  floral and paisley patterns.The embroidery took some time , because of the various colours. The Pattern closeup-

Lavender tunic closeup


July 4, 2010

TAST 2010 11.Bullion buttonhole stitch

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The 10th week stitch of the TAST2010 challenge is  cloud filling . It looks similar to 18th week  wave stitch.So I’ll post this stitch later.

The 11th week stitch is Bullion buttonhole st.This name is also quite  long.

Iam happy about one thing, Iam now comfortable  with bullion,it really helps using milliner needle.

The first 3 pictures are of the original stitch variations, The others are with embellishments.

On these 4 lines ,I just varied the height of the bullions.

Bullion buttonhole-1The 6th line is alternated with v-shapped bullion and normal bullion. The next line is whipped version of the stitch. Bullion buttonhole -2

In this line,I varied the height of the bullion to form a pattern.On the 9th line , one stitch is made on top and bottom.The next line is done in two threads one on top of the other.The last line is the zigzag variation of the stitch.

Bullion buttonhole -3

I added red beads,stitched some fly stitches and detached chain.And one line with copper beads.

Bullion buttonhole -4

Bullion buttonhole -5

Bullion buttonhole -6

The sampler-

Bullion buttonhole sampler