16. Italian border stitch

With these stitch combinations, the variations kept on growing . the sampler-

42.italian border st2- sampler4

The details-
12. Italian border stitch with herringbone and Cretan stitches in these rows.


13. basque and Pekinese stitches are worked with Italian border stitches .


14. italian border stitch motifs-
First motif is with twisted chain stitch
The knots are extended and oyster stitches are worked in the corners to make this  second motif.
Straight stitch and pistil stitches are combined in the third motif.
Buttonhole wheel variation is part of the fourth motif.


15. Algerian eye stitch variation and extended knot Italian border stitch are combined in the first row. Detached chain stitches are worked over alternate Italian border stitches and the knots are worked after that in the last row.


I had fun playing with these stitch variations on this sampler. This is a beautiful decorative stitch

I tried combining this Italian border stitch with other TAST challenge stitches today.the sampler-

42.italian border st2-sampler3

The details-
8. detached chain stitches are worked with Italian border stitches in the first row. Staright stitches are worked on either side of the Italian border stitch to form the sheaf bundles in the second row.


9. Italian border stitches  are  combined with buttonhole stitches in these two rows.


10. I tried weaving and then whipping these stitch rows in this section of the sampler.


11. first row is a combination with wheatear stitch and the second row is done with fly stitch.


This stitch experiments are getting interesting. I did a few more rows of this stitch on this sampler.

42.italian border st2-sampler2

The details-
5. The Italian border stitch lines are worked together in these rows.


6. The first row, this stitch is worked at an angle . Two lines of diagonally worked Italian border stitches form the second row.


7. Two Italian border stitches at right angles worked as steps, is the first row. Instead of working this stitch straight, I tried twisting it in the second row. I like this variation.


This week’s challenge stitch of the TAST 2010 was very interesting.It blends itself to many possibilities. I tried only a few-

To start off, I tried this stitch for the first time.

next line, the narrow and wide version of this stitch is alternated.

3rd line-as you can see, one stitch is short  and next one long.

I tried varying the heights  of the stitch.

 In this- 2 lines of the stitch, facing each other.

Italian border st samp-1

 Next, just two lines of the stitch.

 this stitch is a trial of  decorative seam,just by adjusting the placement of the stitch.

Arranged the stitch in a semi- circle.

Italian border st samp-2

detached chain st ,fly stitch  are added to a line of this st.

The line is made of the stitch in 2 colours.

A line where I alternated between the basic stitch and its inversion, embellished with beads.

Laced this line with a thicker thread.

I whipped the last line of this stitch.

Italian border st samp-3


This is a very beautiful stitch., can be used in place of fly stitch as a decoration.

The stitch will look better if done on an evenweave.

 I keep changing the fabric, to see how each stitch appears on them.

And my personal library of stitches is also growing.

 My sampler-

Italian border st sampler