November 2011

The different motifs in this tunic were all detailed on my previous posts.generally these motifs are used in bags, wall hangings,cushions, yokes,etc. I wanted to use it this way because, the tunic otherwise looked quite dull, and I thought, with this background fabric colour, various colour combinations can be experimented.
Now for the whole tunic, as I mentioned earlier, it was hard to take the whole picture with clarity, so I have taken it in three parts.

tunic with different motifs-1

The second part-

tunic with different motifs-2

The third part.

tunic with different motifs-3

The tunic in its full glory!

tunic with different motifs

Though I had drawn the motifs in a straight line on the paper, it was quite a feat to copy it on the fabric.I could have managed with a single line ,more than one was very difficult, the lines on the side took lots of effort, but once the pattern was drawn on the cloth, the embroidery was just repeating every motif thrice.I really enjoyed working on these motifs.

This is the last set of motifs in this tunic. As I had mentioned earlier, the whole set of motifs are worked in a straight line. It was not easy to take picture of all the motifs together. So I have broken them into four sets for detailing. The set of motifs 4

tunic with different motifs-motif set4

1. the stitch around the mirror is an variation of herringbone and Cretan, this is the stitch with which the mirrors are stitched on to the fabric.
2 I adopted this motif from a book and modified to my requirement.the stitches worked are- herringbone, chain, fly ,stem ,french knot,and mirror.
3. the mirror here is embellished with buttonhole stitch.
4. small triangles were drawn around the mirror and are worked in Cretan stitch filling with variegated thread. Detached fly stitch are worked around the motif.
The different motifs are detailed in these posts. More pictures of this tunic on my next post.

Sharon B is  annoucing the tast challenge for 2012.

People who are part of the stitching community , would be knowing about this . For the benefit of those who are not aware of this challenge. you can follow this link and be part of this wonderful challenge-


the previous challenges-


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All details are covered by SharonB

This sewn tunic was lying with for quite a length of time before it was designed. By the time I wore it the fashion for long salwar top had changed.These days I wear knee length salwar tops only, sometimes I mix and match them with jeans and leggings too. All these are not possible with this particular tunic. The next set of motifs-

tunic with different motifs- motif set3

1. Detached fly stitches are worked going around the mirror.
2.various stitches are worked in this cone shaped design. I had done this cone pattern in another tunic, I became quite fond of the shape, so this was repeated in this tunic motif too. The details-a line of Cretan stitch worked in circles, herringbone stitch worked in cream[ looks like white], I think the next line is arrowhead stitch[ may be it is couched down, I don’t remember now],This line the long tailed fly stitches are worked with small straight stitches, the petals are worked in herringbone stitch, finally,the outlines are worked in chain stitch. This completes this motif.
3. Detached chain stitches are worked around the mirror.
4.Mirror is the centre of this square motif with herringbone petals and chain stitch outline.
The last set of motifs on my next post.

I want to explore various options with existing embroidery. This working with different motifs gave me a wonderful opportunity to do so. Though I had completed the embroidery, some time ago, the pictures were taken only this year.
The second set of motifs-

tunic with different motifs- motif set2

The details of these three motifs-
1.the mirror is outlined with herringbone stitch filling, a variation double cross stitch or Rhodes stitch are worked around the herringbone stitch, a scalloped line of chain stitch is worked around these stitches .
2. a mirror with long and short straight stitch detail.
3. a set of two concentric kutchwork motif with chain stitch outline in different colours[ let us not forget the colours!]
more details on my next post.

A few years back, I had this sewn tunic sitting with me. The tunic was light orange mangalagiri cotton with green border, the salwar was in the same green colour as the border. It looked too simple and dull to be worn as it was. Then an idea came, to work different ethnic[Indian] motifs in bright colours.
Choosing the colours by itself was a challenge. The motifs were chosen from different places, I don’t remember now. some motifs I modified to suit my purpose. All these motifs were then organized to make a long border pattern[ that it looked like a thoran was a different story !] but nothing could deter me, I proceeded with my idea. Which grew so much , that I wanted to this same border three times on the tunic.
The working-
Different stitches were used – chain, straight, herringbone, back, to name a few.
Kutch motifs were also worked in between.
Mirrors were added too for this long border.
I did not have any plans of the decorative details at the pattern drawing stage.
I improvised on the patterns with details, while I worked the embroidery. It also helped when I had to work each and every detail three times.
I started with one motif, worked it thrice, and moved on to the next one. the decorative details of the mirrors were worked first, and then the mirrors were attached to the fabric.
The first set of motifs-

tunic with different motifs- motif set1

Various details of the motifs-
1. First mirror with detached chain detail.
2. Second mirror with kutch motifs
3. Third mirror with ermine stitch[I think]
4. A motif with buttonhole and herringbone stitches
5. A mirror with herringbone detail

Now that the embroidery on the yoke is completed, the yoke and the tunic fabric were given to the tailor for sewing.
The tailor chose a neck pattern for this tunic. Tunic with yoke and neck line-

d b yk on blue tunic- neckline

The completed tunic-

dark blue yoke on blue tunic

The close up of the yoke and the tunic-

da bl yk on blue tunic- closeup2

The tailor had done a fine job on this tunic.
The length of the tunic ends just above my knees, it can be worn either with tights or jeans. For few dresses, the embellished colour combinations work out pretty well with that dress coordinates. This one comes in that category.
Otherwise the colours are fine , the dress doesn’t go with any thing else, or the embroidery is good, but the pattern is very uninteresting. It also happens, that everyone else praise how well the dress looks, but you feel , you haven’t done anything worthwhile on that.
The pattern drawing of the yoke-

pattern of the d b yk on blue tunic


I had planned to work embroidery on the sleeves too. after seeing the time involved in working the yoke, I dropped  the idea.

The floral motifs were worked to two colours. Then straight stitches were worked over the petals. Then centre of each flower was embellished with blue stones. Blue beads were stitched on the petals long with the straight stitches.  Forgot to take pictures  at these stages. The completed yoke-

dark blue yokeon blue tunic- completed

Close up of the same. the beads and the stones are not clearly seen in the picture, but they are there!

dbyk bliue tunic-closeup1


The completed yoke was placed over the tunic fabric-

dabl yk on blue tunic-on tunic fabric

The sewn tunic with yoke and the yoke pattern on my next post.

The motif border is worked in blue thread. The next colour is dark pink. This is worked in chain stitch , outlining the blue thread.
The threads used in this yoke are silk threads, I used two strands of thread throughout the embroidery. the stitches were simple. The starting of the pink thread-

dark blue yoke on blue tunic-WIP1

The same yoke when completed with the pink thread, the closeup-

dark blue yoke on blue tunic-WIP2

Then straight stitches were worked in blue inside the petals.
Next post with the beads.

I back from my vacation, now settled with my routine. This time it was Singapore and Chennai.
Time spent at Chennai was completely taken over by dentist appointments[ root canal, crowning everything painful!]
This blue tunic fabric is printed mercerized cotton. I liked the pattern and colour so much, that wanted to wear immediately. But after some time ,a yoke pattern idea came to mind. I tried it on this tunic-

da bl yk on bl tunic fabric

I used dark blue striped fabric for yoke. Hence the heading ‘dark blue yoke on blue tunic’ – actually Iam running out of names of the tunics I post. I name them for my reference,though, it is getting hard.
This yoke pattern is made of motif border.I left the centre space empty.the tailor did a decorative neckline. I have the pattern , if anyone is interested
The motif is worked in two colours of thread and embellished with beads.
The embroidery started with the variegated thread outline, the first colour on the motif-

da bl yk on blu tunic-starting

Rest on my next post.

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