January 2009

I love celtic designs.The twists , turns,ups, downs of the designs, in someway represents ‘life’ to me.

www.inkcircles.com– , which for the past 3 years,has been posting free designs on its site.Wonderful designs. I was waiting for the right time to work on their designs.

Chossing the frame was the first step,Then I chose the colour and count  of the fabric.Then the design which can fit the dimensions.I liked this particular design, but had to crop the border .celtic1-3

I didn’t change the colour scheme,except for adding a green colour.


 The threads were  Anchor cotton skeins-2 strands. The finished frame is here-


Hubby dear loved the frame.




tast0041Butterfly chain stitch- this is th20th week stitch of TAST stitch challenge.The stitch was a easy one, though I couldn’t do many variations. Seeing all my variations, I want to start crazy quilting after finishing my TAST samplers.

I was browsing the net-

Shawkl is also running a stitch challenge- Twelve dozen stitches in Twelve months-TDSTM.That comes to 3 stitches in a week, I want to join ,but not sure whether I can allot sufficient time to it.-www.shawkl.com.

Shailaja sharma -www.summersofindia.blogspot.com. She has posted a tutorial on ‘anklet stitch’.Till now I can’t get any idea of using this stitch, I’ll wait for her to show me the ropes.

I find  some people are very much interested in learning kutchwork  and phulkari.

 Bhavani Harikrishnan has already provided a good Kutchwork tutorial on her blog-www.needlecrazy.blogspot .com

I f someone could give me a feedback on-

1. You need another kutchwork tutorial?

2 You need kutchworkpatterns?I design my own patterns.

This will help me focus my attention to either of these options.

I ‘ll also start working on my phulkari tutorial and patterns.

Today I visited shailaja sharma’s blog- where she has posted a simple variation of fly stitch-anklet stitch .The stitch is easy, I’ll have to think ways of experimenting with  this stitch.

I have started  edging for 2 towels, the designs are my own,I thought I ll try cross stitch. the pink one is a geometrical flower-t-e-2-a1

The finished  towel, I cheated , I got the tailor to attach it for me-a1-towl-edg-2

For this edging I drew the design, and changed it into graph for cross stitch, back stitch outlining is also added.

t-e-1-d t-e-1-c

After finishing the embroidery ,I was anxious to see the full effect, but was also scared of sewing, so I used the shortcut method this time.Iam insisting to myself not to repeat it again.


This is  my first new year  project. I have too many UFO s.Some cross stitch kits, long stitch kits, crocheted  and tatted doilies,usual embroidery on tunics- the list seems to go on and on and on.

While visiting sharon”s blog-www.pintangle.com.I found the bloggerschallenge-why do you blog?

I have been embroidering for more than 20 years,but was not progressing much. Internet browsing opened a new world for me-I learnt so many new things in this field, it started with Sharon’s stitch dictionary, from there-new types of embroidery, new techniques,colour co-ordination,focus,designing ideas,various designs- to name a few.

 I am happy and overflowing with all these eye candies.I feel I owe a lot to so many of these people.

This blog helps me-Share my ideas, lessons,designs,knowledge,inspirations,interests,meet like minded people.learn from others responses,motivate myself.learn computer skills, feel part of the stitching community.Focus on my prioirities.

 This is my needle school, each and every post is my assignment, working for the project becomes my home work, taking pictures and detailing them is my record book , other things in my life is vacation time, my whole life is the progress report.

This tunic  is my first effort  on chikan[shadow] work. I wanted to do a overall design. most difficult part of the work was transfering the design to the georgette fabric.When I pinned the fabric to the pattern, it  refused to stay loyal to the pattern.measuring and marking didn’t work at all.My eyes were the only guideline for symmetry.wherever I drew  a pattern, my left hand was fixed over the area.because if this, I got tired pretty quickly.Tranfering took a long time.I just drew the lines and omitted the petals and leaves, which I embroidered approximately.All the drawing was on the wrong side,my mistakes got lost on this[what a relief].For the border I used readymade zari border in parrot green.


dsc00637  the parrot green isn’t seen.

This sampler is also in blue. I wanted the shades of peacock blue,can’t say I was successful.Experimenting with this stitch was ok.tast005




the curls made this stitch interesting.


I designed to work on this tunic in september ’08. And entered this as UFO project  on stitchin fingers group.I hadn’t even  started to work on it, when some of the members had already completed their first project-

When I  join a group , I  should understand the concept, and put some effort towards it- A lesson learnt.

I started to work on this tunic in dec’08.The design was basically shadow work[chikan embroidery]. and the fabric, black chiffon. chosen colour -blue. Maybe I was inspired by the ‘abaya’ worn by Omani women, the attached border is a typical local flair. now the tunic-4d this is the front.

4b the back with a paisley design

4ethe sleeves.

st-sampler008 the tailor did a good job.

I am also thinking of writing a step-by-step of designing a tunic.