The 13th week stitch  of the TAST2010 Challenge by Sharon is Raised cup st.

I have never tried stitches of this type,earlier for stitch explorer challenge, I tried trellis st and casalguidi st, but I can’t say I have totally explored or mastered these 2 stitches.

 This time around, I did not get many ideas, just tried the st over and over with different threads-

1.large triangle- similar to pearl cotton.

2.rim jim thread

3.3 strands cotton skein

4.small pearl cotton

5.6 strands cotton skein


7.varigated cotton skein 6 strands.

Raised cup st samp-1

Raised cup st sampler -1

the next picture is the close up of the few variations I tried-

Raised cup st samp-2

In these variations, I just added  some detached chain sts,fly st,  and some straight sts.
 The sampler-

raised cup st sampler