orange and cream tunic

The embellished borders placed over the tunic fabric-


After this the borders and the tunic fabric were given to the tailor for the final step of the tunic . the sewn tunic-

orange&cream tunic1

The borders on the tunic-

orange&cream tunic-2

It is nice change to have just embroidery borders on a tunic instead of yoke. I wear this tunic and scarf with orange/red jeans. The idea to use printed fabric for embroidery border was also very practical. Totally a satisfying experience.
I am posting these details from India,and the tunic and scarf are in the scarf cannot be shown here.

The colours used for embroidery on the borders of this tunic are based on the colours on the scarf for which this tunic is designed. The tunic was cream colour ikat cotton, and the next colour was cream on the border. The back stitches in cream thread were worked between the running stitch rows done in green done earlier in this project.


Variegated cone thread was couched on the outer edges of these borders-


Bright gold sequins were added on to these borders, completed borders for sleeves and the front edge-


Three thread colours were used on this zigzag patterned border fabric. the next treatment was set of three detached chain stitches, which was worked in maroon thread, between two rows of straight stitches, in orange and yellow.


The three borders in this stage-


A row of back stitch was worked in light green thread between these detached chain stitches-


The embroidery on borders for this tunic are done on printed orange fabric. the same zigzag lines were guide lines for different threads and stitches. the first treatment was two rows of running stitch, the next one was straight stitch filling in two colours. the first colour was dark orange. It is not seen clearly here, though-


The same straight stitch filling on yellow thread. This looks much better!