I bought two printed green voile fabrics and made it into a single tunic. This idea of mixing the fabric for a tunic was on my mind for some time, and I[ my tailor] tried it .
Embroidering a yoke in completely different colour range occurred after seeing a fashion show picture.

green voile-1

First close up-

green voile closeup-1

The next one-

green voile closeup-2

The stitches used are mainly herringbone, with three strands of cotton skeins.
Many colour schemes can be tried in this way, I am sure most of them would be even better,. Basic idea is the main dress should be in in a neutral colour and yoke and the embroidery should be bright and contrasting.
This fabric also moulds itself to the shape of the body[ I wonder if it is a good thing?]
But believe me, it is so cool in summer.