I am fond of of kashmiri embroidery done in single strand.
Inthis type of embroidery,After working on the traced pattern,the empty spaces in between are also covered with straight , fly stitches .
The finished embroidery looks as if it is done on appliquéd cloth.But also looks like it is part of the base fabric[like jamevar shawls etc]
Coming back to my inspiration, I tried doing this on blouse[saree] sleeves.
I did the whole thing in single strand, used the same stitches, but failed to fill the empty spaces[I understood that later, after seeing many samples. HEE!HEE!]
Now I have with me a blouse which is embroidered with some motifs!
I call it Kashmiri embroidery for a simple reason-it inspired me!
This blouse was for a cream printed silk saree.
The coffee brown blouse material is silk cotton.

motifs on brown blouse

brown blouse close up

it sure took a long time to complete this , I aged doing this.