05.herringbone st2

Some more variations of herringbone stitch , the fifth week stitch of the TAST2012 challenge by SharonB

6 –In this row herringbone stitch is combined with zigzag stitch and detached chain stitches.


7-closed buttonhole stitch is worked along with herringbone stitch.


8-I tried forming a triangle with the basic herringbone stitch.


9-the herringbone is stitched over ricrac . at last I got the knack of it!


10- this row of herringbone is over a lace.


11-slanted herringbone stitch with slated zig zag stitch with beads.


12- this row is a combination of herringbone stitch, fly stitches and chain stitch.


13-three herringbone stitches with a Cretan stitch worked in between.


14-this row is a combination of herringbone stitch, detached chain stitches and back stitch.


15-two rows of herringbone stitch with beads .


16-3 rows of herringbone stitch with bugle beads.


17-herringbone stitches with beads.


I completed my herringbone stitch sampler with this row.
Al these variations can be done on even weave also. I can’t say I have really explored this stitch much on plain cloth. I am in hurry to finish this sampler,

sampler part1-


part 2 of the sampler-


the third part of the sampler-


I am leaving tomorrow, for a short trip to India for a week. I ‘ll probably miss the next week’s stitch announcement.so will not time to catch up and this week’s stitch herringbone [TAST 2012 challenge by SharonB] has to be done in a hurry. After looking at my earlier sampler, I am not having too many ideas for variations now.
Still I thought I might try and use other stitches on herringbone stitch itself.
It starts like this-
1-this row is herringbone with buttonholestitch.


2-this row is with chain stitch.


3-this row is with chevron stitch.


4-this is a combination of open and closed herringbone with buttonhole row.


5- this herringbone crossed  with three chain stitches.


I might continue if I have time to work and take pictures tomorrow. Otherwise it’ll be next week.

This week’s stitch of the stitch challenge TAST 2012 BY SharonB is herringbone stitch . This was the first week’s stitch of the earlier TAST challenge.
I had already posted this sampler on my blog, but for easy reference I am posting it again.
Herringbone sampler- part1

herringbone st1-1

Herringbone st sampler-part2

herringbone st1-2

Herringbone st sampler-part3

herringbone st1-3

Herringbone stitch sampler-

herringbonest1 sampler