August 2008

Raji chandra,

 your question-“when u r working continuously on squares does it go well only with odd no. or what? go wrong when doing even no. of squares?

-My answer is there is no difference at all.

 I have been designing kutchwork designs for my own .-both lines and motifs.the basic principle in this stitch is that “A thread should pass ,over and under alternatively”That is why the design is made up of SQUARES.The number of the squares don’t matter at all.You can have any number of squares on a line, or on a motif.

 My suggestion to you is – first you try the stitch on a single square, then move on to 2 ,3,4 squares,you’ll soon get the hang of it.

After you try it, wherever  you have a doubt , you can get it cleared.

After seeing your question I too want to post a tuitorial on this stitch, but that ‘ll take a while.

In the mean time I’ll be happy to answer any of your doubts.

 Happy stitching.


This is the step by step method for attaching the mirror or shisha.


mirror project

mirror project




 Hold the mirror with your thumb of your non-sewing hand.

We are going to cross over the mirror 4 times to secure it.

The space which we get in the middle,where all the lines cross  becomes the inner ring.

The outer ring is the circumference of the mirror.


diagram -1

diagram -1 1.Bring up the needle and thread at point1Cross to the opposite side,over the mirror and insert the needle at 2-----1st linediagram -2




.2.Bring the needle at 3 and just cross over to the opposite side and insert the needle at 4-2nd line

diagram -3

diagram -3


3.Bring the needle up at the side at 5 ,go over and under the  2nd line at ‘A’.

The thread is now twisted once at ‘A’. Remember to bring the needle outside,

Otherwise even when the mirror is held, thread has the tendency to move over

 to the corner ,and the mirror becomes loose.

Now move the needle over and under at ‘B’ ,now the thread is twisted inside.

Insert the needle at 6-3rd line




4.Bring the needle up at 7, go over and under at ‘C’[with needle outside].Again cross over and under at’D’[with needle inside] and insert the needle at 8-4th line




sample-2Bring the needle very near 8 .Now there is a inner ring and the outer ring. Mirror is secured.diagram-5 sample-3

5. Insert the needle into the inner circle[eg-cretan st

diagram -6

diagram -66.Make small st on the cloth near 8sample-4

Keep repeating this till mirror is fully covered







 Mirror is now completed 

 The wrong side



sample-square This is a square mirror.sample-diamond

Diamond shaped mirror can be secured like this.

Notes- I have used Anchor stranded cotton-3 strands for this medium size mirror.

For big mirrors use 4 strands.

For small mirrors use 2 strands, otherwise this stitch will completely obscure the mirror .

If the inner circle gets bigger[when the tension of the thread is more], after  completing the stitch,the inner circle can be whipped and tightened.

Generally mirrors are heavy, so use cloth of medium thickness.

While learning and practicing ,keep the length of the thread sufficient to complete a mirror.Round mirrors have the tendency to slip away,when it is not held comfortably ..


I hope this tuitorial  will help people to embellish their embroidery with mirrors.

I enjoyed doing this,

Please leave your comments and suggestions to improve  the content of this tuitorial.



Atlast I got the tunic stitched. I also took a few photos of my previous work. Deepa from the stitchinfingers group enquired about mirror work. I have been doing this for many years, maybe I should work on tutorial for mirror fixing, anyway if she asks me again I’ll eloborate on it.Since she is good at the chemanthi st,I think she can easily catch up.

I am still floundering how to add link to my post.Perseverence is the key here.

green on cream
green on cream

I worked the kutchwork on a same colour cloth and attached it to the tunic. I can’t wear it till I buy the salwar

blouse border
blouse border

Yesterday was also a learning day for me. I visited some of the blogs of my fellow members of the stitching group.I was itching to learn a stitch,’kamal kadai’,which I found on Deepa’s blog. The chemanthi stitch, I have never heard of,but found a similarity with  my mirror stitch. I have started my week-10, barred chainst,it is a slow process.I  also made a list of samplers I want to do. one by one I am tying myself to so many challenges,scary but I have to start this someday,otherwise I’ll just be incorporating the stitches to my tunics.I hope it’ll be ok after I have completed a few.

In this blouse, I have done kasooti st[holbein st]on a cream cloth. this was done seperately. I have cream saree with red border,to go with this

Today was a day for learning day for me .I started working TAST st,and found that I was not as fast as I thought I was. Generally when I stitch, I don’t have to think much. but today , I was thinking ways and means of doing it,imagining the result, continous threading and unthreading,wondering if this is what I wanted the result to be. I do have to go a long way in this challenge.I don’t even know ,whether I have bitten off more than I can chew. and this is the first st.

today I also visited a few stitching blogs-these people are doing such amazing  creative things.Where am  I now?I find that I fixed a boundry, and I have trained myself to work within it. When I have to cross this boundry, I find myself fumbling.This is new laerning curve from today,and I am happy that I joined this challenge, I ll try small easy steps first.

mirror work
mirror work

In this tunic I have  attached mirrors , with different line embroidery around them. I enjoyed doing this .

Orange manglagiri

Orange manglagiri

I am still working on the idea for TAST challenge,I want to do too many things at once,I don’t know ,whether I am very excited or just a novice at this.If Iam able to convert my ideas into something substancial, then it will be fine. I have to wait and see.

I do have to take a few more photos of my recent projects .

As I was answering Jowynn’s comment, I thought I would show a picture of a tunic ,where the embroidery is done afterstitching the tunic,hence the gap between the neckline and the embroidery.I do have to alter this tunic to fit me LOL.

Today . i was thinking how to do barred chain  st and alt barred chain st,which are the stitches for week 10 on TAST challenge.I learnt of this blog-http://www. quieter I found variations of interlacing st.I have been blindly following the same method of interlacing st all these yaers, without even thinking of variations. this is getting interesting, opening new possiblities. but I have to try them first.LOL.


this is the yoke part of the tunic. embroidery was done in single strand of thread I and worked on it for a long time

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