I had worked on a medium sized kutch work motif for a yoke, and wanted to share that motif on this blog, then I checked the motifs which I had posted earlier and found that, the simpler version of this motif was not posted at all. So in this tutorial, I am posting the simple woven motif.
The completed motif look like this-

motif -6-1

The pattern on paper-


The pattern on cloth-

m-6-pat on cloth

The basic stitches-
Starting with the first bar-


Completed basic stitch on bar.


Basic stitch of the outer square-


Basic stitch on the second bar-


Whoever uses this tutorial would  be knowing how to work the basic stitches. After working the first bar, the other basic stitches will go over or under alternatively to form a solid basic foundation, if there are any confusion, see the pictures and follow the steps and practice on them.
Woven and interlaced stitches-
I used yellow variegated thread for interlacing. This motif also requires the extra[fourth line] to be worked separately, because the weaving thread does not flow automatically for the fourth line. The extra stitches are worked first.


After finishing the first journey for the fourth line, starting the second journey of the fourth line, this is worked around the other bar.


two journeys are completed-


The corners of the outer square are worked and the weaving thread goes around the square weaving through the basic stitches, and the extra fourth line thread. And we move on to weaving the two bars.


The first bar is woven.


Moving on to the weaving of the other bar, the motif is completed.


Hope this tutorial is easy and useful for all the kutchwork enthusiastics . if there are any questions or doubts, they can posted on the comments, I ‘ll try to answer them.
Thank you,

Happy stitching.

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