02. buttonhole stitch2

Just a few more variations and I am finishing this buttonhole stitch sampler for TAST challenge.
23rd row-
Two rows of buttonhole stitches facing each other, connected with cross stitches and chain stitches.


24th row-
A variation of buttonhole stitch, whipped with rimjim thread.


25th row-
Closed feather stitch is sandwiched between, two rows of buttonhole stitches


26th row-
A row of buttonhole stitch, a row of closed and open herringbone stitch, ending with buttonhole stitch variation.


27th row-
Slanted buttonhole stitch done in v-shape with straight stitches.


28th row-
I tried working butterfly chain stitches with the buttonhole stitches, embellished with beads.


At last it happened , I finally ran out of ideas for this stitch. LOL!
The first part of the sampler-


The next part of the sampler-


The last part of the sampler-


I had drawn my ideas on a paper , before stitching, still some variations were a surprise, some were fine, and some were even disappointing. Over all I enjoyed working on this sampler, which by itself was learning process .

A few more variations of the buttonhole stitch from TAST challenge by Sharon.
13th row-
A buttonhole stitch variation with fly stitch and detached chain stitch.


With red seed beads-


14th row-
Slated buttonhole stitch variation with detached chain stitch with long tail.


15th row-
This buttonhole stitch variation with feather stitch variation.


16th row-
On this buttonhole stitch variation, two chain stitches are worked together in v-shape .


with green glass beads-


17th row-
Buttonhole stitch worked[ badly!] in semi -circle over a line of buttonhole stitch variation.


18th row-
Three detached chain stitches worked in a row of buttonhole variation.


19th row-
On a same size half circle, buttonhole stitches are worked in two different ways.


With bugle beads[ bad choice of colour].


20th row-
Buttonhole stitch worked in zigzag pattern with detached chain stitch.


21st row-
The rimjim thread is whipped around a row of buttonhole stitches.


The completed row-


22nd row-
A variation of buttonhole stitch with long tailed double cross stitch[ actually I was planning to work detached chain, but changed at the last minute]


I tried some more variations of buttonhole stitch with other stitches.
3rd row-
Button hole with fly stitches, before attaching the beads.


With bugle beads-


4th row-
A row of buttonhole stitches ,with detached chain stitches.


5th row-
A variation of buttonhole stitch with cross stitches.


6th row-
This row of buttonhole stitches are tagged with herringbone stitch.


7th row-
Button hole stitch with set of three buttonhole stitches. looks clumsy though!


8th row-
I tried working buttonhole stitch by alternating twisted chain and normal chain, I was surprised by the effect!


9th row-
Buttonhole stitch embellished with fly stitches-


10th row-
This row worked with 3 lines of running stitch _


11th row-
Two rows of buttonhole stitches facing each other, with fly stitches in between_


12th row-
Small buttonhole bunches worked with zigzag stitch_


I have to wait and see what tomorrow brings…

While working this sampler, a thought came about working on some motifs with this stitch.
I did not work any motifs during the earlier stitch challenge. And there is a particular ethnic Indian embroidery, which uses this stitch for working the motifs, other stitches like, back st, herringbone, chain,fly, mirrors, kutch work are also incorporated into this ethnic embroidery.
This being a buttonhole stitch sampler, I intended to work on buttonhole stitch exclusively for this motif sampler. the central design is ethnic pattern , I added a few motif patterns, which I couldn’t work as a band sampler.
As mentioned earlier, all shapes are worked in buttonhole stitches only.
1 st part detail-
Light blue floral pattern and the curved line are my additions.-


The 2nd part detail-
The scalloped pattern is an addition. The parrot is integral part of this ethnic embroidery, with eyes it would have looked better, LOL!


The 3rd part detail-
The shape done in light blue is an addition.


The whole pattern-


This being just a buttonhole motif sampler, I did not add mirrors or beads.
I have to continue my band sampler.

Yesterday being Tuesday, Sharon on her blog announced stitch of this week- buttonhole stitch, of the TAST 2012 stitch challenge. I did a stitch sampler of this stitch during the previous TAST challenge. It was posted here.
I worked the earlier sampler in even weave fabric, so I thought, maybe I’ll try some more variations of this stitch with other stitches and beads on plain fabric. So many people are part of this challenge, they are all working in their unique style. Some people are doing stitch sampler, some are doing motifs, some are using different fabrics, some are doing ATC, it’s a totally different world out there.
Other than being part of this challenge, I have a personal challenge of working on a sampler of decorative seams with the stitches from this challenge . so with this idea, though I have already explored this stitch before, it seems a good idea to explore this stitch some more.

With the raging fly stitch fever-The button hole stitch is worked along with individual fly stitches.


This variation is with fly stitch and long tailed detached chain


Will have to try some more.