This embroidery was done a few years ago.
The fabric-Grayish brown mercerized cotton,the salwar[Indian pants] red handloom cotton.both are plain fabrics.
Pattern- very simple floral pattern. At that time I was quite fond of these patterns.
A small part of the neckline pattern went along for the sleeves also[which is not seen here]
Embroidery- stem stitch for the veins and satin stitch for the flowers.the whole thing was done with three strands of cotton skein.

brown& red tunic-1

The closeup-

brown&red tunic-closeup

I had adopted this particular floral [satin] for a few of my yokes.
when I wanted to draw a paisley pattern, I even filled it up with this flowers. Easy to work,and looks nice too.
I did the same flowers on this  pink tunic  too.