This embroidered yoke and sleeves were done on a green tunic. I had a yellow dupatta for it. Later I made the dupatta into a short kurthi[top].
I got tired of seeing this on that green tunic, so when I bought this violet mangalagiri fabric, the yoke and sleeves were attached to it.
Idea- The idea was to work a type of kashmiri embroidery, which is delicate and fills the whole area. the stitches generally used are stem, cretan, straight.
The pattern- the patterns used in these embroidery are florals,I drew a creeper pattern.
Embroidery- the whole piece was done in two strands of cotton skeins.straight stitches in pink and white for flowers, stem stitch in green for veins, and small straight stitches in yellow as fillers.
The embroidery was attached to this violet tunic-

violet & green tunic


The closeup[the green and yellow combination was better for the green tunic]-

vio green tunic closeup

Here is another example of how the colour contrasts work on a tunic.
I want to explore more on this embroidery type and I am yet to start.