I returned from my two weeks vacation on thursday.I had a few enquires related to my kutchwork patterns , which  I had posted on my blog.

1.Some wanted  my kutchwork designs,

2. Others wanted to learn the method of working these patterns.

regarding the patterns-

I ‘ll draw the patterns and post them here, one by one.Anyone interested can make use of them.I hope they are  used  for their personal projects.I wish they would also show their work [based on my patterns] here. Thanks .

for the working of these patterns, again I’ll start to  work  step by step on each of these patterns , take pictures  while I am doing them, then post them here. we”ll see  how it works.





10 Responses to “Kutchwork tutorials.”

  1. RajiChandra Says:

    Thank you Chitra, waiting to follow you.

  2. vijiyalakshmi Says:

    hai chitra my name is viji from tamilnadu .i like to learn kutch work and long&short stich .please teach me chitra.takecare bye

  3. jyoti Says:

    Hi Chitra,
    Iam Jyoti, I was yearning to do something , some hand work, my own creations, Iam good in designing, (drawing ) but in thread work I fail. now Iam working on long & short, learned by my neighbourhood aunty, but not satisfied, please help me, step by step.

    1. jizee6687 Says:

      there are sites which have tutorials for long and short stitch. do you want to learn long and short or all embroidery stitches?

  4. jyoti Says:

    I have started this long & short work since 1 year, but it seem some where messy, so somehow I have to finish that work, its a saree, so I don’t want to spoil the pallu part, so please help me, I will just cross check with your method, and also I have learnt kutch work for some extent.
    thankyou, regards

  5. jizee6687 Says:

    the get hang of long and short stitch is to keep working it. practice only makes it perfect. the people who are good at it, have been practicing for many years. perseverance is the important. I’ll see about long and short links first.

  6. jyoti Says:

    thanks, I will be waiting for it

  7. Anagha Says:

    Thank you so much for the tutorials.since my childhood I wanted to learn it.your tutorials have made it so easy to learn.i wanted to know what size should be the graph paper to copy the design?a

    1. jizee6687 Says:

      glad these tutorials are helpful for you, Anagha. Ideal choice for copying patterns for beginners would be inch graph paper. the cm graph or 5mm graph makes the patterns slightly small than inch graph patterns. progress can be made from inch graph to cm or 5mm graph.

  8. Arpita Says:

    Hi mam ,iam arpitha. I know Kutch work I want to work my blouse but I have no designs for neck patterns can you give me some neck patterns on graph paper please

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