green on green tunic

The beaded and sequined green yoke was sewn on the green chiffon tunic. Generally it is easier to work on yokes with angles, but this yoke had curves and the edges were also sequined. Luckily the tailor did a good job.
The tunic-

green yoke on green tunic

The detail of the yoke –

green yoke on green tunic- detail

In this embroidery, the idea was to work with one colour. The effect would have been totally different, if it was worked with colour combinations. The antique yoke pattern was simple and elegant, and allows room for variations. It was part of a set of yoke patterns. I chose this with the idea of using the beads and sequins.

This tunic fabric is silk chiffon in light green. This fabric was bought with the idea of wearing over a light green t-shirt. The yoke was green [ but a different shade] and the embroidery and embellishments were also done in green colours. The details of the embroidery done on this greeny, greeny tunic!
While I was working on the tunic , picture were not taken, so the picture is of the fully completed yoke only.
The pattern was from antique pattern available on the web. I just reproduced the pattern[to suit my requirement], nothing creative here.
The whole embroidery was worked in stem stiches in two shades of green[ of course!]
The embellishments added were green seed beads and green sequins[ going green]. My only input was in the embellishing area
The yoke detail-

green on green-yoke detail

The yoke on tunic-

green on green -yoke

The tunic on my next post. Since Iam unable to find the resource from which this pattern was chosen, Iam  posting this link for  reference, may be this link has this pattern.