This week’s TAST2010 challenge stitch has along name.It is longer than variations I have tried! LOL!.

I started with 4 variations, thinking  I’ll add some more while stitching, But after doing  4 lines of satin stitch,I  decided 4 is more than enough!

The basic lines-

9. Rais her band-1

The first line is laced with thin zari border[the idea was better on  mind than on fabric]

9.Rais her band samp-2

the 2nd line,I tried a lighter colour thread in 6strands-the effect was not very appealing.The next 2 lines I tried with six atrands of cotton skeins it was better.

9.R H B samp-3

For these 2 lines I added beads –

9.R H B samp-4

And my Raised herringbone band sampler in it’s full glory!

9 raised herringbone band sampler

P S : -Next time if there is a stitch which needs satin stitch base, I’ll try 2or 3 variations on the same line!