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On SSS stitch challenge Rumanian stitch was 36th week stitch. I decided to use work this stitch on a square pattern. The details are here.
After working Rumanian stitches, the embroidery was further embellished with square mirrors worked in variegated thread. The two squares after stitching the mirrors.
This piece was given to the tailor and was sewn into a pouch. Side a
The other side looks like this.
It looks like the pouches used by tribal women. I love it. A simple embroidery done on pouch seems like a nice gift.


This week was spent on trying to catch up with the SSS challenge stitches.
Roumanian stitch
This stitch was worked as Indian filling stitch on a square pattern. The pattern is for a pouch. Both sides of the pouch have the same pattern, with same cotton skeins for the embroidery. The filling is worked differently.
The other side
I hoping to finish this project today. The details of the embroidery will be on a separate post.
Bosnian stitch
The idea is to work some samples on matti cloth. This work will start after completing the pouch. The stitch looks easy.
Hungarian stitch
Some samples of Hungarian stitch is to be worked on canvas. This will be quite a small sampler.
Braid stitch
This stitch is to be worked on a medium size pouch. The design is ready. The stitch has to be learnt. Practicing can happen on the project!
Thinking on how to work this stitch- a sampler or bag or on tunic?
Red striped tunic
After working the open chain stitches on flowers, it is chain stitches on the spirals.

the progress is from here-


to here-


Oh! Yes. this red fabric is being used for the roumanian stitch pouch.
green tunic with yellow ikat border

This double colour green /yellow fabric is for the tunic. The ikat fabric is to be used for sleeve border and below the neck. The simple embroidery will be on half white fabric. The pattern is drawn on it, colours are also chosen. Just waiting to start the work.



This is another new stitch for me in this SSS challenge. The working is on Queenie’s blog. This is last week’s stitch, it took a while to complete the sampler.
This mountmellick embroidery is one of the many types of embroidery I have been planning to learn and execute. This challenge is used to work some samplers of new stitches and new embroideries.
After knowing the stitch of the week on this challenge, some browsing for the embroidery began on pinterest board. A few samples of  mountmellick stitch and other stitches were chosen.
Different shapes were drawn to work these combinations.
Transferred to the fabric.
The first sample is outlined with mountmellick stitch and filled with back stitch and French knots. Detached chain stitches were worked around in circle and outlined with mountmellick stitch in the second sample, after filling the third sample with mountmellick stitch rows it is outlined with Portuguese stem stitch, the inner spine of the fourth sample is worked with two rows of buttonhole stitch and the outlie is worked in mountmellick stitch.
After outlining the fifth sample with mountmellick stitch straight stitches are worked. The spine in the sixth sample is worked with mountmellick stitch with detached chain and French knots and outlined with stem stitch. The seventh sample is a combo of fly stitch variation and mountmellick stitch.mountmellick stitch is combined with Danish knots on the eighth sample.
Ninth and tenth samples have french knots, satin stitches and mountmellick stitches.
Three rows of mountmellick stitches are worked with pistil stitches on eleventh sample. The mountmellick spine on twelfth sample is outlined with chain stitch. Mountmellick stitch veins are outlined with feather stitch in the thirteenth sample.wheatear stitch forms the spine of this mountmellick stitched outline of the fourteenth and the last sample.
The whole mountmellick stitch sampler.
SSS.mountmellick stitch sampler
I like the texture produced by this stitch. It is easier to manage than palestrina knot stitch. Since mountmellick embroidery is worked in white threads on white fabric, I wanted a sampler with totally different effect. Perle cotton #8 cooperated very well with the working of this stitch. I understand why I face problems with polyester threads. It is long way to go on this mountmellick embroidery journey, just feeling happy to have started this at this point,

Stitch challenges
The band sampler of last week’s lace stitch along with a few NESSAL black work borders was completed. This week’s stitch is mount mellick stitch. I have not worked this stitch before. I have always wanted to learn other embroidery techniques. This mount mellick embroidery is one of them. Taking the opportunity given by this challenge, an idea of working a sampler of some stitches of this embroidery along with this week’s stitch as come up. The shapes are drawn on paper and traced on a beige fabric. Hoping to start the work tomorrow.
This week’s stitch is a beautiful stitch with a long name- buttonholed cable chain stitch. The samples were worked on earlier challenge. The link was posted on FB group page yesterday.
I have started the embroidery with gold metallic thread on this green fabric.
I am going to India for a whole month on this Saturday. Four weeks is too long to be without stitching. Just sorting through the projects to take at least two of them to India. Really hoping not to buy tunic fabrics for embroidery.

This stitch has been on to do list for quite some time. Now it is introduced as this week’s stitch on Sunday stitch school challenge. The working of the stitch is on Queenie’s blog.
The samples and variations of earlier stitches of this challenge were worked as band samplers. This being a linear stitch, it might be an echo of those samples. So, the idea is to work this stitch on a pattern for a needle book. After pondering over the designs, a European folk design was chosen. The stitch was worked with anchor cotton skein #46.
Though it is the first time, this stitch was tried, it is an easy stitch to work. The repetitive movements were so relaxing, that I could enjoy and appreciate the beauty of the stitch. This is quite rare because, there is always a compulsion to complete a particular colour, design or project, that leaves me speculating whether that particular piece was gratifying by itself.
It is easy to work this stitch on straight lines, curves, points. Two strands of skeins are used to work this stitch. More number of strands or perle cotton may give a bolder and brighter look.
Now this piece needs to be sewn into a needle book.

TAST 2016.2.31.142.Fancy bobbin edging-3

I have been working on this week’s challenge stitch on TAST 2016 – fancy bobbin edging. This sampler is taking some time work. This design sampler was started with the thinking buttonhole edging would be faster and lots of variations can be tested. Only two or three samples are worked each day.

The next set of samples-

The centre of this sample is worked with a buttonhole filling. Fancy bobbin edging is worked on two buttonhole variations in green and yellow perle cotton.



Fancy bobbin edging is used on basque stitch on this design. Basque stitch seems like a pretty buttonhole variation.



The centre paisley is filled with buttonhole wheels. The inner outlines is worked with two rows of fancy bobbin edging facing each other. The outline in brown is worked with basic buttonhole stitch and the fancy bobbin edging is worked over it. The extra dimension produced in this method is interesting.



I couldn’t work on this sampler today.

This is also a yearlong project. Hoping and wishing that I am able to work this challenge. This is a long sampler worked on 14 count Aida. I am using Anchor variegated thread for this whole challenge. the free graph for this week’s pattern is here.

Starting with the border.



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