These few weeks I have been busy with sumptuous surfaces online class, embroidery on tunic, TAST challenge and hussif challenge and a weeklong trip to Chennai.
The class is over. But I need to think and work on the exercises to improve my ability.
My tailor is back from his vacation, my DH is going to office, so I have started the routine of designing and embroidering on tunic fabrics.
The explorations of the TAST challenge stitches need restructuring. Which I have to work on.
I am searching for floral sprays and decorative seams for the crazy quilted hussif. This is WIP.
Blogging regularly is added to this list.

Today I was going  through some stuff  in the cupboard, found these written on a paper.  I had written them  a few years ago from a website , which  I don’t remember now.

They are  interesting for me  and  don’t  know whether the information will be used, but the  words are so motivating-

Meanings of pictures
1.mountains- Long life
2.river- sea of happiness
3.Mountains and rivers together-long happy life
4.mist and clouds –good fortune and happiness
5.clouds and rain- sexual union
6.Clouds- blending of male and female-sky and earth
Rain-climax of union
7.landscape-overwhelming experience of one-ness of nature and soul
8. mountains-special objects of veneration to ensure cosmic order and permanence.

1.bamboo, pine and plum- three friends of winter.
Long friendship and bringer of happiness.
Characteristics of strength. Ideality, modesty , nobility and gentleness.


Chinese tiger- potent male principal of courage, bravery, dignity and sternness.
Tiger- guardian spirit of agriculture
– Devour of drought demon
Tiger- tsai shen , God of wealth

Crane- longevity- long life, wisdom, heavenly and blessed good luck.

PeonyPeony- symbolizes wealth and distinction. Omen of good fortune
– Positive influence for woman and man living harmoniously together
– Love, affection, feminine beauty

Lotus- creative power ,purity amid adverse surroundings
Lotus- faithfulness
– Symbol of achievement of enlightenment
– Opens up to beauty and light
– Miracle of beauty , light and life

– Abundance of wealth
– Symbol of endurance
– Perseverance and fortitude and associated with literature
– Water ,fertility and regeneraton
– Charm to evert evil
– Harmony and marital bliss
Swinging in pairs- joys of union
Freedom from all restraints
Ancient belief- transform into dragons upon reaching 100 years old.


Horses-emblem of speed , perseverance, symbolizes strength, courage and swiftness of life.

This is a  kurthi[short top,blouse] ,which I had bought for a specific purpose.

After that, this was sitting plainly staring at me wanting to be embellished.

 I wanted something simple and elegant ,and chose a small motif.This picture is the work in progress-

Violet blouse-wip

The colour looks different from violet, because of the dark pink streaks.This is handloom cotton.

I  added some stick on stones around the embroidery-

violet blouse

 This motif comes just below the neckline.

To help the people who are part of the  post a day [week]challenge,  wordpress is suggesting topics to write about-

 today’s topic- why did I write a blog?

While browsing the net ,I was inspired by the blogs.[didn’t know I can also do one]

Then,Sharon was already  in the third year of her needlework challenges, I wanted to join stitch explorer challenge, realised I ‘ll require a blog to write about my work.

I went on from there.

Still I am using this  blog to write about my journey in embroidery. Iam still unfamiliar with photo editing, so keep putting off my tutorial ventures,Once Iam comfortable with the basics[photo editing] I can write tutorials and post few of my own patterns in  that  particular form of embroidery, to make it more interesting.

Sharon had pointed out this flickr page on her blog. This is site so very useful.I never seem to get satisfied with the designs I have, and also love vintage patterns.This is a great resource for this.

Another site I found very inspiring for crazyquilting, henna designs, rangoli, needlepoint,seamtreatments,desinging borders, motifs-zentangle. their gallery is full of ideas.

Yesterday I joined this new[? maybe for me] group on ning on hand embroidery.I have to put in more efforts towards this new venture.

I visited this blog by Judy. She is sharing her expertise  with the world through her blog. beautiful and useful designs.

I also came across this BAS[Build A Seam] challenge on this blog. Seems quite interesting.

Iam fascinated by crazy quiting seam treatments, I haven’t started on them so far, but the eyecandy available for this artform on the blogs are countless.On oneside Iam inspired to start and do lots, but Iam dejected to start sooooooolate, when will ever do all these things? I am cheating now, I have started taking closeup shots of my tunic yokes, to pass them of  as decorative seams.[very smart].

Another request came for kutchwork tutorial , I ‘ll start working on them , and post the pictures and tutorial  SOON.


We are going on vacation to India tomorrow, I might not post any entries while Iam there.I hope I can work on my embroidery over there, last time  a crack  on my right pinkie  did not allow me to work for a whole month. InIndia the navarathri and diwali festivals are celebrated in a grand manner.Asusual there will be lots of sweets,lentils,shopping,  and indigestion.

Happy Navarathri! and Happy Diwali!

Most of the days  I spend some time browsing the net  – embroidery related.There are so many blogs on this needle craft.These blogs are individually and collectively very good.Each and every person is so talented in their unique way.And there are so many blogs too.I control myself and  browse  only an hour every day.All of them inspire me.It’s like an  ocean- and Iam  looking  for fishes.For quiet some I wanted to write about  this.I like how they make such cute small scale embroidery,most of the blogs I don’t even understand the language- this craft goes beyond languages.Some people are so generous-they share their  patterns.

Iam new to  blogging- I don’t know so many things on it, my typing is very slow, these are only few of the obstacles. but today I made some   progress and have added a  f ew links on my blog roll, I ‘ll try and continue with this task regularly.

The fourth stitch of this stitch challenge-4

The fabric doesn’t look like green at all.I am trying out new colour combinations This could end as a colour sampler too.I enjoy doing these challenges more than I thought I would,but lack of  proper organising is very frustrating .

I want to do some personalised gifts for my new niece-in law.Iam browsing the books and internet for ideas. I want them to be practical too.Iam still unable to decide on the projects.I found so many bead projects,ornaments,paper techniques. Innumerable eye candy available, Iam totally amazed and humbled by the projects done by these people.

Sharon has again provided so many blogs in the letter’B’. I had such a good time browsing them,I find it a enjoyable past time to see the projects of others.Iam also working on a tunic, which I feel is taking  too much of time, sometimes it happens like that, I”l be happy to finish this yoke.Because of this, there seems to be a’design block’ -if I can call it that.

I liked working on this stitch. I have known the method of working these stitches, but never actually worked so far.Working on the TAST samplers is quite fasinating. While looking at the stitches and their variations makes me wonder , where to use these stitches, each and every stitch as a  uniqueness. I  had this idea of doing stitch samplers for many years, but always kept postponing it-maybe I couln’t imagine any use. but after I started them, I find that-

1.I can try my own colour combinations.

2.The variations are quite a challenge

3.Iam able to master these stitches

4.They are better than a sampler book.

5.I can explain by showing them.

6.G ives me   satisfaction.

7. Gets me new friends

 I love working on this  TAST challenge.

 This time I used pearl cotton to weave and whip the wheels. Easier for me, definitely the effect is better than cotton skeins.tast018

I wanted to try the half circle.tast019

I was trying for a flower, but looks like a spider.tast020

 Tried  as a line stitch.

dubai-dec-2008082dubai-dec-2008080These  past few I got hooked on browsing different types of embroideries.My mind is filled with so many ideas,I do have to work much more than Iam doing now. I wish I had started on this road much earlier,though Ihave been embroidering for the past 24 years, it was not a continous hobby.I worked ,whenever I felt like it.I was also thinking, it was just a passing fancy, I might loose interest  after a few years. But the desire woudn’t go away. So in 2005 I concluded I’ll see what all I can possibly do with my interests.I focused on designing, implementing, using, my ideas into my hobby based projects. Initially it has started with designing tunics.Since august 2008, I thought I’ll broeden my horizons. I joined stitichin fingers, I started bloging, I joined stitch challenge and my personal stitch challenges also keep changing according to my learning new things everyday.Though I have not made much of a progress, Iam happy being part of this.It keeps me alert, helps me  on personal and emotional level,gives me fulfillment,gives me support, hope it’ll make me a better person too.

We were on a visit to Dubai. The shopping malls there were quite amazing. Different architecture,country themes, styles,- I had wonderful time.We don’t get many books in Muscat,I bought 3 books in The Dubai Mall, to enable my hobbies. I bought  evenweave fabric too.Now I have more work to do.

 I am doing cross stitch border for a tunic, it is taking a lot of time. I also finished 3 TAST stitches,which I’ll post in the next few days.the picture is from Ibn batuta mall-

cream kutch work

cream kutch work

hi ,

today I was watching some programmes on tv,while embroidering my yoke piece,

A speaker by name, Bharathi bhaskar,gave a very thought provoking information-that we seem to talk less and less to each other, but are using more and more harsh words to communicate our thoughts.

and also, only our goals  determine the choices of our actions.

todays photo is also of my earlier work. I designed this yoke on a graph paper.