1. Diamond stitch

This is the 25th week stitch of the stitch challenge TAST2010 by Sharon.B.
Iam sharing the variations I have tried of this stitch-
1a.this row I learnt how to work this stitch.
1b.the  stitches worked  are quite long.
1c the  stitches are short and the thread used is thick in this row.

vandyke stitch-1a,1b,1c


I have finished diamond stitch at last! This stitch was proving very tricky,even after understanding the stitch journey, it still enede up having a lopsided look.So I have decided to name my first stitch of this challenge as Droopy diamond stitch. Now for the show-

1. Diamond st

For want of better ideas, this challenge also is done as four inch line sampler.I have used perle cotton in two colours.

1. Diamond stitch sampler

For this tast2 challenge,I’ll also try using beads and sequins to make it more attractive[?] This is just to hide the fact that my sampler looks like a doodles of a child.