39.knotted buttonhole stitch

I completed this stitch sampler today.

39.knotted buttonhole stitch-3

the details-
7. Still in the process of combining this stitch with other stitches, the first row is a combination of buttonhole stitch and knotted buttonhole stitch, and bullion knots and French knots are worked over the knotted buttonhole stitches. The second row is the combination of this stitch with detached chain stitch.


8. The first row is unsuccessful combination of feather stitch variation and knotted buttonhole. In the second row, this stitch is combined with chevron stitch. The third one, two rows of knotted buttonhole stitches worked together.


9.The first row is worked with bugle beads, in the second row, the knotted buttonhole stitch is whipped in dark pink thread.


This was easy stitch to work. Initially I thought it resembled up and down buttonhole stitch, after starting this stitch, realised this was not so.
This knot also helps to keep the stitch in its place, sometimes the buttonhole stitches tend to slide from their position, when the stitch angles vary. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this sampler. I need to catch up on previous week stitches.

The details of experiments with knotted buttonhole stitch are here-
4. In the first row, three buttonhole stitches with varying heights are worked with the knot, and two variations of this stitch combined together in the second row, and an angled version of this stitch is worked in the third row.


5. knotted button hole is worked with other stitches in these rows. The first row- pistil stitch, detached chain stitch and fly stitch are worked over a row of knotted buttonhole. The second row, the stitch is combined with closed buttonhole stitch. The third row, herringbone is combined with this stitch.


6.combination with other stitches are  continued in these rows too.
Knotted buttonhole with bonnet stitch in the first row, chain stitch with this stitch in the second row, Cretan stitch with this stitch in the third row.


This week’s stitch on the stitch challenge TAST2012 by SharonB is knotted buttonhole stitch. I have not  done this stitch before. Having missed ,working on this challenge stitches this past two months, I need to catch up too. Still thought, this stitch would be easier to work and started on it yesterday. The sampler so far-

39.knottd buttonhole stitch-sampler1

The details-
1. First row is the basic knotted buttonhole stitch, the second row is the shorter version of the stitch and the third row is the long and short version of the stitch. Fourth row is done with two threads.


2. The bigger knotted buttonhole stitches are worked over the smaller knotted buttonhole stitches in the first row, the second row is also similar except, the bigger atitches are worked between the small stitches. The third row is the zigzag version of the stitch.


3. In the first row, this stitch is worked in a curve, in the second row , the second buttonhole stitch is longer than the first one on the top[ does not look appealing, though] the third row, the short and long buttonhole stitches are knotted together at the base.


Still working on variations of this stitch, details on my next post.