As a part of the chain stitch [TAST 2012 stitch challenge] varieties, I am working on  samples of checkered chain stitch.

1-      These rows are for getting the feel of this stitch. C che ch-1

2-did a zig zag version of checkered chain stitch. C cha ch-2

3-a-the length of the chain stitches are varied.

b-as this is also a part of chain stitch, I worked detached chain stitches in a row and worked normal chain stitches over them C che ch-3

4- worked this row, keeping the checkered chain stitch idea. C che ch-4

5-the same checkered chain stitch idea  is   worked in  another variation, with bugle beads. C che ch-5

6- another variation, where a pattern is formed with this stitch. C che ch-6

7-two chain stitches in alternating colours are worked in this row. C che ch-7

8- another pattern is worked in this variation. C che ch-8

With this row I completing my checkered chain stitch sampler.

Tomorrow I need to start on shell chain stitch , which is the last variety of chain stitch , I am working this week .