I managed to miss the Up&down buttonhole on the first TAST challenge.I got caught here. Initially thought this was a hard stitch,but later found this was not so.

this sampler is also on checked fabric, I had some gingham cloth left over from stitch explorer challenge, chicken scratch.

I tried the stitch in ,2, 4,and 6 strands,then did a 3-step feather stitch.

up&down feather st-1


I extended the 2nd stitch on this row.

Varied the width alternatively.

Made the second stitch shorter than the first.

Did the stitch in 2 colours.

up&down feather st-2


In this row, I went down twice[LOL].

Going down twice, added some bugle beads too.

Laced with thread ,

made this stitch in 4 steps[is this the right way of saying this?]

Now thought, How can I use this stitch on closed feather stitch?

Up and down feather stitch-3


Another variation of- Up& down closed feather stitch, quite a handful is n’t it?[because I am typing]

Mixture of closed feather stitch and up&down feather stitch, with beads too.

 Here I added arrowhead st on top and bottom.

up&down feather st-4


this one is with detached chain

Stitched beads at different points on this row.

Three rows of this stitch,This could have been used for up&down buttonhole stitch too.

up&down feather stitch -5

Now for the full sampler-

Up&down feather st samp-1


On this following part of this sampler, a part was left out of  the close up.

Two rows , I changed the direction of the stitch,

Then did  3 rows of stitch in different heights.-

Up&down feather st samp-2


the last part of the full sampler-

up&down feather st samp-3


this was an easy stitch.And I enjoyed doing these variations. My personal library of stitches  is growing.