01. Fly stitch

After finishing the fly stitch sampler, I found these pictures of this green tunic, in which the whole embroidery was worked in fly stitches with zardosi beads.
Two panels and sleeves were worked in this tunic.
The panels with fly stitches-

green zardosi- fly stitches - panels

The completed panels with zardosi beads-

green zardosi- completed panels

The detail of the panels_

green zardosi- details panels

The sleeves had a border pattern  made of these leaves.
The sleeves with fly stitches-

green zardosi-sleeves- fly stitches

The working of zardosi beads on sleeves-

green zardosi- beads working

The Completed sleeves-

green zardosi- sleeves

These embroidered pieces are sewn on a green tunic.

Line15-two versions with blanket stitch-


Line 16a-variation of buttonhole stitchWIP-


Line16b-fly stitch with this variation-


Line17- with closed buttonhole st-


Line18- with running stitch-


Line19-fly with double running st-


Line20-with detached chain stitch-


Line 21a- A row of cross stitch variation-


Line21b-Fly stitchs over the cross stitches-


Line22- fly stitches with chevron stitch-


Line 23- fly stitches with a version of feather stitches- this version is used in ethnic Indian embroidery-


Though there are other stitches , I seem to be working the fly stitches the same way for all rows. So, trying some other variations.
Line 24- I found this twisted fly stitch in A-Z of embroidery stitches -1-


Line 25-another version of fly stitch worked insingle strand of shaded pink thread-


Line 26- fly stitch laced with rimjim thread-


Line 27- fly stitch whipped with rimjim thread_


Line 28a-the fly stitches are worked to be laced with rimjim thread-


Line28b-laced fly stitch-


Line 29-whipped variation of fly stitch-


Line 30-zigzag fly stitch with sequins and beads-


Line31- lace couched with fly stitch, with beads-


This fly stitch sampler is completed with these stitches.
The first part-

1.flyst2 sampler-1

The second part-

1.flyst2 sampler-2

The third part-

1.flyst2 sampler-3

The last rows-

1.flyst2 sampler-4

I feel this f ly stitch has a mind of its own , and I had to draw the last line somewhere! LOL!

Line 7b-with bugle beads-


The following rows are fly stitch worked with other stitches, some places I have worked the fly stitches differently on a single row .
Line 8-fly stitch over ablong cross stitch-


Line 9-three  placements of fly stitch over herring bone stitch-


Line10- Another variation of fly stitch herringbone st-


Line 11- fly stitches with zigzag stitch-


Line 12-fly stitch with long and short zigzag stitch-


Line13- two variations with cretan stitch-


Line14-two variations with combined heringbone and Cretan st-



Still trying to work on with other stitches.

The first week’s stitch of the TAST 2012 challenge is fly stitch. Already a sampler on even weave fabric was done. I thought of trying some more variations on plain cloth. Some trials are also worked to incorporate this stitch with other stitches .
Some variations I tried yesterday, are on this post-

Line 1-starting the fly stitch with straight stitch-


Line 2a- planning to do this with two colours


Line 2b-two colours-


Line 3- with 2 detached chain stitches in between-


Line 4a- two fly stitches , to be combined with detached chain-


Line4b-With detached chain-


Line5,6-finishing the fly stitch with chain st, two variations-


Line 7a-two fly stiches together ,bugle beads to be added-


Posting on this category will be based on my progress.

Sharon as announced the first stitch of this challenge- Fly stitch.
I have thought of some guide lines regarding this stitch challenge.
Learning the stitch.
Exploring the stitch-
Depending on the stitch-
Work on plain cloth as line stitches.
Work on even weave cloth.
Work on small patterns.
Work with beads.
Work with other stitches[ this I had not done previously]
Work with different threads.
This will be a sampler, with 4 inches width.
Ist week TAST 2012 f ly stitch-2
I naming this fly stitch -2 because I had already done a stitch sampler of this stitch here.
It was worked on even weave cloth. So I am thinking of exploring this stitch on plain cloth.
After seeing so many crazy quilting stitches on the net, I am thinking, may be this stitch challenge can be used as a personal challenge for making a crazy quilting stitch sampler. I have to work further on this idea. We’ll see. I ‘ll try to share this personal challenge on my blog.