Celtic design

Antique golden beads and sequins were used as embellishments for this embroidery on the yoke. The central motif with beads-

bl or-6c

The embroidered piece was given to the tailor for sewing,
As mentioned on my previous post, the salwar [Indian style pants] was a glossy printed black and gold fabric.
The completed tunic set-

blor tunic1

The tunic top with lace border on sleeve-

bl or tunic2

The printed salwar and the yoke match well together. The embroidery did not take much time and I have worn it a few times. Fully satisfied with this set.

After working the motifs with herringbone stitches and back stitches, the pattern around the neck was worked with herringbone stitch. And the motifs are outlined with back stitch-

bl or-4

The stitching part of the embroidery is completed on this pattern-

bl or-5

Sequins and beads on the neckline-

bl or-6a

The centre and the small motifs with beads-

bl or-6b

Today I tried a few more variations of chevron stitch – 6th week stitch of TAST2012 stitch challenge by SharonB.[here you can also see wonderful highlights of this stitch]
12- in this row I tried working individual chevron stitches.


13-after seeing the chevron stitch worked on a celtic motif on facebook TAST2012 page by fellow member, the stitch is worked in this pattern.


14-the chevron stitch is worked with pink seed beads.


15-these are trials of working chevron stitch in circle.


16-starting with the chevron stitch base, buttonhole stitch variation is worked on one side.


17-two rows of chevron stitches with bugle beads and sequins.


18-the chevron stitch itself is worked in bugle beads. I enjoyed working on this row!


With these set of variations I am completing this chevron stitch sampler for this week.
First part of the completed sampler-

6.chevron st sampler1

Part 2-

6.chevron st sampler2

Part 3-

6.chevron st sampler 3

Early last year, I had done a celtic design . This pattern was from http://www.inkcircles.com/html/Goodies.html. [thanks]They gave  a full year of celtic patterns. I chose two patterns from them for frames. The second one  I did in dec2009-

printed pattern-2

I changed the colours. While working-

work in progress-2

This design was of ideal size for the frame, so I used the whole design.I think  it was 16inch aida cloth. the finished piece-

celtic pattern -2

I couln’t resist adding my initials on the four corners.The two frames together look like this-

celtic frame set

Working on the second frame was easier. I liked using fall colours on these pieces.

I love celtic designs.The twists , turns,ups, downs of the designs, in someway represents ‘life’ to me.

www.inkcircles.com– , which for the past 3 years,has been posting free designs on its site.Wonderful designs. I was waiting for the right time to work on their designs.

Chossing the frame was the first step,Then I chose the colour and count  of the fabric.Then the design which can fit the dimensions.I liked this particular design, but had to crop the border .celtic1-3

I didn’t change the colour scheme,except for adding a green colour.


 The threads were  Anchor cotton skeins-2 strands. The finished frame is here-


Hubby dear loved the frame.