This is the last stitch for this week’s chain stitch challenge. This was the 32nd week’s stitch of previous TAST challenge.
I had not done this stitch before,
1- so the sample started with the working of the stitch,then I tried the long and short version of this stitch, then I tried changing the direction of the shell chain, thne worked two rows of this stitch. D sh ch-1

2-a.I tried inserting the needle in the same hole of the chain stitch, then alternated with normal shell chain stitch.
b. I wanted to two shells on this row, but this looks like a buttonhole variation or feather stitch variation.LOL! D sh ch-2

3-in this row, individual shell chain stitches are worked on variegated thread. D sh ch-3

4-a.the shell chain are worked in three different lengths.
b. the shell chain stitch is worked with normal chain stitch. D sh ch-4

5- in these rows the shell chain stitch is combined with open chain and twisted chain stitches. D sh ch-5

6- a zigzag version of shell chain stitch. D sh ch-6

7-a- I tried twisting the shell stitch in this row.
b. the shell is worked over the twisted chain stitch. D sh ch-7

8- a. Instead of starting the shell stitch in the same line, I started it in the next hole.
b. I tried combining shell chain stitch and cretan stitch. It is good that I have written what I have done in this row, otherwise , I wouldn’t recall this weird idea, by looking at it.LOL! D sh ch-8

9- the shell chain stitch worked with cross stitch. D sh ch-9

10-I did this row of shell chain stitch with detached chain stitch. D shc h-10

With this row the shell chain stitch sampler is complete. I am also finishing the varieties of chain stitch for this week.