I found this beautiful green block printed material in cotton, and wanted to do some traditional Indian embroidery. I chose kutchwork with mirrors- because it is easier to cover more area with them.
The pattern was for the neck and sleeves.
I chose three simple border patterns- two in kutchwork , and one a combination of kutchwork and mirrors. The whole pattern was drawn on graph[ that’s why a square neck was chosen]
The embroidery was done in the same colour cloth as the block prints- generally I use the word rust for this colour, but I don’t know what others use.
The embroidery was worked in green,red and yellow, with the mirrors in self colour.

kuchwork on green tunic

The sleeves-

kutch on green -sleevs

Neck closeup-

kuch on green- closeup

I had traced the pattern on to the cloth and had given it for to be sewn on the tunic, which the tailor did beautifully, later, I worked the embroidery. Working on the neck was alright[ though it was too thick for the frame!] the sleeves were quite tricky.