Orange&white tunic

This is the pattern I had used for the orange& white tunic.
the border pattern was done on golden yellow fabric, the central pattern is done on orange fabric.Iam posting this embroidery pattern for people who are interested. I designed this pattern.And I am not very good at editing photos.The pattern-

Oran &whi tunic pattern

I sketched the pattern on graph paper[cm]. One side of the border is dark because I had to make 3 copies[1for yoke, 2 for sleeves]

All the details of this embroidery on yoke has been given earlier.
The whole set was cut , organized and sewn by my tailor.
Iam comfortable thinking of a design but not so ,in the department of cutting and sewing,
I have to learn it one of these days,till then I let the tailor surprise[Oh,ok] me, which to my discomfort , he does quite often.
The completed white tunic-

Orange & white tunic-1

The yellow embroidered border had to be cut and attached to the orange motif pattern the orange sequined piece had to be attached to the yellow border for the sleeves.
The closeup-

Orange&white tunic-closeup

I am totally satisfied with the final tunic.I’ll dig up the yoke pattern and post it later.

I can see an interest in this pattern and colours of this tunic. Actually orange fabric is just the yoke, it is outline with the border . and the tunic block printed cotton in white.
Earlier details of the yoke are here.
Moving on with rest of the yoke details-
I added straight stitches in white thread , in between the petals

Orange yoke-5

In this picture , the arrangement of sequins and various beads are seen-

Orange yoke-6

The embroidered pattern is the yoke and the top two sequined lines are for the sleeves.

Orange yoke-7

The main things have been detailed here. And completed tunic will be in the next post.

A traditional Indian motif pattern was chosen for the main yoke.The motif is repeated twice to lengthen the pattern.
For the first time I took photos at different phases of this embroidery.
The outline of the motif- -.I started with dark colours , brown for diamond shape, green for curves

Orange yoke-1


.The flower pattern is done in variegated thread.

Orange yoke-2

The extra details are done in light green thread

orange yoke-3

The herringbone stitches are outlined in back stitch with yellow thread.

Orange yoke-4

I’ ll continue with the details in the next post.

Decorative border-

This decorative seam is part of a sleeve border for the white tunic.I made two border patterns, one in orange with just sequins and this one in golden yellow.

The edging stitch is back stitch, with variegated thread[red/brown]
The square filling stitch is surface satin in orange, green& variegated thread.

decorative border in yellow-1

These squares are outlined with double running stitch.

Decorative border in yellow-2

Sequins and beads are added in between the squares

decorative border in yellow-completed

This part is completed for the sleeves and border for the yoke,
the yoke details on next post.

In this decorative border, I was trying to work on those stitches and colours which will not be tedious to do, and at the same time will not compromise the effect.
Stitches were well chosen, but colours played their part in extending the time.