Green&violet tunic

The embroidered yoke , when placed on the tunic fabric looks like this-

green&violet tunic yoke

The tunic and the yoke are sewn together-
The tunic-

green&violet tunic

Instead a long rectangular yoke I wanted a U- shaped yoke. So the pattern is cut in the middle for this effect.
The close up-

green&violet tunic- closeup

This was an easy embroidery pattern .I worked on it for 6 hours in three days. these type of simple designs are found often on Indian tunics available in shops. For casual wear , in summer , this is perfect.

Embroidering the yoke for this violet[ Ikat weave] tunic in Lagartera inspired pattern was completed.
The centre was lined in back stitch in green.
The satin stitches are outlined in white thread.
The motifs around the satin squares are done in back/holbein st in violet and green colours with sequins in the centre.

green&violet tunic-yoke

The tunic with the yoke sewn on my next post.

It started with- I was left with a light green patiala salwar[Indian pants with lots of folds].I had sewn that for a lemon yellow chiffon tunic. They did not match very well.I finished that tunic set by buying another green[with yellow stripes].
Now this green salwar was sitting idle. I found a violet [ not exactly violet, but more of blue, this I learnt when I was choosing the right thread} and green material ikat weave.
Here it looks like grey, but it is green.

G&v tunic fabric

I wanted to do something simple for yoke, just to complete the embroidery quickly!
I was a slightly fascinated by lagartera embroidery at that time and wanted to try my version.
This is a simple pattern, starting with small squares in satin stitches-

G&v tunic -yoke WIP

Completed yoke on my next post.