reapeating pattern

I am posting the yoke and sleeve patterns for this tunic. The details of the embroidery are here.

lemon yellow -yokepattern1

lemon yellow -yokepattern1

Being a big pattern , this is another picture-

lemon yellow-yokepattern2

lemon yellow-yokepattern2

Sleeve pattern

lemon yellow-sleeve pattern

lemon yellow-sleeve pattern

This tunic fabric is handloom cotton, block printed with kalamkari colours and motifs. These colours  match well with dark blue jeans. The fabric-

bl&red klm-fabric

later,When the yoke pattern was chosen , it became a salwar top. This is very simple yoke design done on two fabrics-red and blue. The yoke pattern-

bl&red klm-pattern

The central filling pattern was embroidered in red fabric and the border was worked in red fabric.
The border was first worked in vertical and horizontal Rhodes stitch-

bl&red klm-1

This tunic fabric is handloom cotton, vegetable dyed and block printed in indigo. The fabric did not require any embellishments at all for it to be worn as a tunic, any new neckline would have been sufficient. But a simple pattern with curves was chosen for the yoke. the pattern-

a.indigo pattern

This pattern was worked in beige cotton fabric. the thread colours were chosen from the printed indigo fabric, shades of blue and white.
The first thread in medium blue-


I had this idea of doing a embroidery pattern with small motifs. The same motif is repeated throughout. It looks like a block print. A peach colour tunic material was available for this. A dark green colour fabric was chosen for the yoke.
The thread colours chosen were- medium and light green, red, and peach. Two strands of cotton skeins was used for the embroidery.
The stitches used were- chain stitch, satin stitch, straight stitches, back stitch, stem stitch and fly stitch.
Started with medium green thread, the neck line-

green yoke-1

The border-

green yoke-2

Will continue with the details of the tunic.

Subraja had asked for the pattern of this kutchwork on red tunic.
The wide border design is made by repeating the individual motifs. I am uploading the single motif.
The original design.

red on red -kutchwork

The pattern-

red on red -kutchwrok pat1

Another view of the same-

red on red -kutchwork pat2

If anyone wants the working of this motif , please leave your request in the comments .
Enjoy working on this motif!

Prathima had asked for the pattern featured in this tunic.
I found it easier to draw the pattern instead of searching for the original one. While drawing , by mistake added squares at two places . please delete it while using this pattern.
The pattern-

kutchwork border pattern-1

Another view-

kutchwork border pattern-2

I back from my vacation, now settled with my routine. This time it was Singapore and Chennai.
Time spent at Chennai was completely taken over by dentist appointments[ root canal, crowning everything painful!]
This blue tunic fabric is printed mercerized cotton. I liked the pattern and colour so much, that wanted to wear immediately. But after some time ,a yoke pattern idea came to mind. I tried it on this tunic-

da bl yk on bl tunic fabric

I used dark blue striped fabric for yoke. Hence the heading ‘dark blue yoke on blue tunic’ – actually Iam running out of names of the tunics I post. I name them for my reference,though, it is getting hard.
This yoke pattern is made of motif border.I left the centre space empty.the tailor did a decorative neckline. I have the pattern , if anyone is interested
The motif is worked in two colours of thread and embellished with beads.
The embroidery started with the variegated thread outline, the first colour on the motif-

da bl yk on blu tunic-starting

Rest on my next post.

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