blue/green tunic

After completing the randje per week 2014 challenge, I thought of concentrating more on embroidery on tunics. Satin stitches with cotton skeins were started on the central panel of blue/green crepe tunic.



While working on this my tailor came back from his visit. A pink crepe silk fabric was given to him for marking the centre and sleeves for a tunic, which he marked. I had thought of a simple creeper design for the centre for this tunic [some idea malfunction]. This design required a full front and not just the central panel alone. Now the front panel and sleeves were sitting there. A new pattern was drawn for those. I have a green leggings which does not match any tunic. Matching it with this tunic seems a nice idea now. It is floral pattern. Started the leaf stitches on leaves [what else?] with cotton skein and silk thread. It is hard to use the hoop on this fabric, may be it needs some fusing in back. Where to look for this? Spending time on searching and learning is not practical now. The work started on sleeve-



Have drawn some dots on white paper to try some ideas of chicken scratch on dotted fabric.

wipw38-chicken scratch

wipw38-chicken scratch

With this detail the yoke design is complete. The length of the yoke is 18 inches. The neck is not part of the design.

Whenever I work on these type of traditional designs, I generally cover the area with embroidery and embellishments . But for this design, embroidery was worked on the traced lines only. Mirrors were the only addition.
The embroidery was used just to enhance the colours on this tunic.
The last part of the yoke-

blue green tunic closeup-3

I wear a light green mercerized cotton salwar [Indian pants] for this tunic.
The full yoke-

blue and green tunic

I am fond of paisley designs, this pattern has 6 paisleys. This pattern would also work for –kashmiri embroidery,bead work ,kantha work and sequin work.

In this tunic, the inspiration for the colours came from a kanjeevaram silk saree. The body of the saree was in blue, the border and pallu[ the part , which hangs over the shouder] were in light green colour. the border and pallu had zari woven all over.
With the blue colour as the tunic fabric, the colour choice was- light green to lemon yellow, from white to medium blue for the embroidery.
The next part of the yoke-

blue&green tunic-closeup2

This tunic is more than five years old, this was the first time I used silk thread for embroidery. I have been using silk threads quite often after this.
The complete yoke on my next post.

I am a fan of Indian traditional designs.
South India, where I come from, is also famous for kanjeevaram silk sarees.
The colours of these silk sarees also captivate me. I liked this blue and green combination, which I thought would work well for tunic design also.
The pattern for this embroidered yoke is a combination paisleys, florals and mirrors.
The stitches used were-chain, longand short, stem, buttonhole frenchknots and mirror work.
A part of the yoke, starting from the neck-

blue&green tunic-closeup1

The yoke design is spread over half of the front side of the tunic.I did not work on the sleeves. Will continue with the tunic on my next post.

The embroidery on yoke is fully completed and the yoke is sewn on to the tunic.

blue/green tunic-1

Another picture-

blue/green tunic-2

The yoke is 16 inches in height and 11 inches in width.

After completing this tunic, I observed that I had used too many printed material . It would have been better if one of them was plain.
Another aspect, is I should have used complimenting fabrics for yoke and tunic, it might have enhanced the total project. I keep learning in each and every project I work.
On my next post where I tried contrasting the yoke fabric.

The large yoke is completed with beige thread and pink sequins.The sequins were last minute additions. The completed yoke-

blue/green tunic-yoke completed

I placed the embroidered yoke on the tunic to see the effect.

blue/green tunic yoke

The completed tunic on my next post.

The yoke for this tunic is done in repeating pattern. Since the pattern was simple,I made a large yoke.
The colours-
Pink for the detached chain,, lighter shade of the tunic colour and beige for the step pattern.
The yoke , while working the pink thread-

blue /green tunic- yoke WIP

The yoke , after completing two threads-

blue/ green tunic -yoke 2

Another post on the embroidery on this yoke.

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