This was my first introduction to phulkari embroidery.
I was told that , the embroidery was done with surface satin stitch on geometrical patterns.
Then I saw a picture of a bedspread or shawl, which was fully covered with phulkari embroidery. Only thing I could make of the picture was that it was– BRIGHT!
Computer was not my friend then.
I wanted to try this embroidery, but without sources to learn the proper method, I made my version geometrical border pattern and stitched them in surface satin stitch.
At that time, idea of making a sampler had not yet come to me.So this border pattern was used for a tunic . The tunic fabric was synthetic material printed in red. price was Rs.28 per meter.
The embroidery was done in black,to incorporate more colours.
I wore this tunic for ten years, and in 2004, I cut the embroidery piece from the tunic-

phulkari border

The closeup-

phulkari border-closeup

This piece could be used as borders for bag. Still it is lying there in the cupboard in Chennai.