Here, Iam writing the steps involved in working this trial pattern which I had posted my earlier kutchwork tutorial.
The drawing of the pattern-

trial pattern- drawing

The pattern traced on the cloth-

trial pattern 2 on cloth

Notes-1- The basic stitches [ anchoring stitch done in blue] is done in two steps. This is not a continuos worked motif. Each and every step is done separately.
2. The important thing to be remembered in working with adjacent squares, when in the first square, the needle[ thread] moves over the previous line, on the next square[point] the needle[thread] moves underneath the line. This rule is for all kutchwork motifs. Generally we tend to overlook this factor, while working the basic stitch, which makes the interlacing part very difficult.
The starting of the thread-

kutch 4

The stitches are worked to form the basic stitch around the square-

kutch 5

Moving to the next point, here the after the stitch is taken, the needle[thread] goes underneath and travels over to the next point. [Refer- notes-2]

kutch 6

Cross over to the other side, and complete the basic stitch for the square there-

kutch 8

Move under the thread line and work a stitch on the next point[ refer again to notes-2]

kutch 9

Complete the band[1st step] in this manner- Start with the next band[2nd step]

kutch 10

Start working on this band the same way, but keeping in mind to go over or under thread lines[ as the case may be] while crossing over previous band.

kutch 12

The completed basic stitch-

kutch 13

Now for the interlacing part-
This motif is a combination of squares and bands. Squares are worked in interlacing stitch. And the bands are woven.
The interlacing[ weaving] is done in three steps.
The starting –

kutch 14

The first step is to work the square around the centre. This forms the fourth line of the four squares around it.

kutch 15

The next step is to work the first band and the two squares-

kutch 16

Interlace the square and move over to weaving-

kutch 17

First weaving done, move to the square-

kutch 19

Complete interlacing the square, come to the band and weave back again-

kutch 20

Weaving done, turning to complete the interlacing on the square-

kutch 21

The last step, start the inter lacing on the band and squares-

kutch 22

After the interlacing, moving to the band-

kutch 23

Weaving of this line completed , turn –

kutch 24

This square is also interlaced, turn and start weaving back-

kutch 25

After the last weaving, turn back to the last square-

kutch 26

Complete the interlacing of the last square, and the insert the needle into the cloth and finish it.

kutch 29

The completed motif-

completed trial pattern 2


4 Responses to “Kutch tutorials- trial pattern – 2 motif -5”

  1. […] The kutch work tutorial  of the trial pattern posted on my earlier kutch work tutorial is posted on this page. […]

  2. 27 and 28 are missing…

    1. jizee6687 Says:

      The steps shown in 19 and 21 are the same for the last part of the journey. So it was not repeated.
      Thanks for pointing it out.

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