The tunic is hand woven ikat cotton.
The embroidered yoke is borrowed from another tunic.I had a black mangalagiri with woven thread border. The border was attached to the yoke when it was sewn. Then the mirrorwork and embroidery was worked.. This is the flashback.
When I bought this red tunic ,the idea kept flashing –the yoke would look good on this. .So the old yoke was attached to the tunic top.
I attached the square and the triangle mirrors with black thread.[2 strands]
A decorative border with straight stitches and herringbone filling was done around the border.[3 strands]
The threads were anchor cotton skeins.

bla yoke red tun-1

This color combination is always a winner.

bla yoke red tun-2

bla yoke red tun-3

The tunics I have been posting were done  were done  few years ago. I never took pictures then. So the pictures which are taken now are all fully completed works.

 These days, I take pictures at  stages while I work on a tunic,.This is very useful to learn the progressive effects from a design pattern to the completed tunic.

Some more old tunics are still waiting.