This is the tenth week stitch of the TAST2010 Challenge by sharon,When I started on this challenge, I never imagined that I ‘ll like it so much,and I’ll start my own personal library of stitches.Sharon inspires me a lot.I am really motivated by her accomplishments which She generously shares with everyone.

I  didn’t post this stitch  , because it was similar to18th week wave st .

Now for the stitch sampler.This stitch required tacking stitches for the clouds, I took a short cut method by doing this  in a polka dotted fabric. Though this st is basically a filling st,I did it in a line.

cloud filling-1

This stitch is a versatile st.I just kept adding more lines.

Cloud filling samp-2In this I closely placed the basic stitches , used 2 colours and sequins in between. Next one is with alternating 4 detached chain st in between.Cloud filling samp-3In these two lines, one is with sequins in the gap,another is 3 straight stitches in the intersection.Cloud filling samp-4

The above variations are done by adjusting the tacking stitches.