peach mirrorwork yoke tunic

Since I had not taken pictures of the complete work in progress, I am uploading the close ups of the same motif.
Actually I had worked the sleeves of this tunic also with the same floral mirror motif, which I forgot to mention before.
The whole embroidery was worked on sewn tunic, and it was a little difficult to work on the sleeves, but placing the mirrors did not involve any extra effort though.
First picture of the completed yoke motif-

peach mirrorwork yoke-closeup 1

Another view of the same-

peach mirrowork yoke- closeup 2

The completed tunic, with the sleeves-

peach mirrowork tunic-1

It is not easy to take pictures of mirror embroidery-

peach mirrorwork tunic-2

I wear this tunic with a beige Patiala salwar, with the prominent mirror work, it gives a nice look. I enjoyed working on this motif ,

The embroidery part of the motif is completed in this picture.

peach mirror yoke-emb completed

The embroidery is worked with a small frame. With out the frame, it is easier to hold the mirror with the fingers when it is stitched on to the fabric, and once few mirrors are fixed, small frame cannot be used . this picture was taken after the embroidery was completed , and the mirrors were yet to be fixed
The embroidery detail-

peach mirror yoke -emb close up

Mirrors and completed tunic on my next post.

I don’t remember where I got the inspiration for this mirror work idea.
The idea- to work the mirrors in the same shade of the fabric ,on a traditional Indian motif pattern .
Choosing colours was not a big thing.the tunic fabric was peach colour mercerized cotton. The mirrors were to be worked in this colour thread. Another choice of colour was beige, the filling was worked in darker shade of peach in silk thread.
The motif was made with floral mirrors. When I was working on this yoke I did not take pictures at all stages. So this picture shows – the outlines of the floral mirror in light peach, the creepers worked in gold colour silk thread, the shapes filled in herring bone stitches in dark peach colour silk thread-

peach mirrorwork yoke-WIP

Completed embroidery on my next post.