The pattern and embroidery in this piece was done after the tunic was sewn.
The fabric is handloom cotton in golden brown with yellow stripes.
After this I had a pattern and embroidery block- I couldn’t think of any pattern I wanted to do, and also no inspiration for any type of embroidery, it was not because of the tunic,it was just me.
Then , when the unfinished tunic started staring at me, I had to settle for something –
A traditional Indian pattern was chosen, a few mirrors were placed, and the tunic looks like this-

golden brown tunic-1

The anchor cotton skein in two strands ,colours-cream, dark red, orange, light green.
The close up-

brown tunic close up-1

brown tunic close up-2

embroidery wisdom-
Generally, the stripes in the fabric can be used for doing decorative row of stitches, without bothering to draw a pattern,
Some geometrical shaped pattern can also be done easily by marking with pencil.
But all that I had was a block. These things happen for a reason, even though I don’t know the reason.