This doily pattern is also from the crochet monthly magazine. This a is medium sized doily. I wanted to work on some crocheted chair backs. For this I bought yellow crochet threads. Though I am not fully into that chairback project, I have toomany yellow thread lying around, so this doily is also from that yellow thread. I find it easy to work from the pattern drawing rather than the instructions.I have to start working on crochet from instructions too. Future plans!

crochet doily-2

While browsing the net I found some old crochet patterns here.

Once in a while I try working on my crochet , though not as much as I want. Whenever I go to India for vacation, it is easy to work on these. This pattern is from crochet monthly magazine, we used to get these over in Muscat, but they not available these days.
These small doily patterns are easy to work on. The picture of the doily-

crochet doily-1

I made another doily too, which will be on my next post.

I was learning tatting, and tried some edgings
Then came an idea of doing the edging on a square cloth.
why not do a motif on that cloth?
Why not do a cross stitch pattern on that cloth/
With these in mind, I designed and worked a cross stitch pattern on Cream Aida cloth.
After completing the embroidery, the edging was tatted as per plan.
The doily-

cross stitch doily with tatted edging

I actually tried two more, but only this edging came out properly[?]