7th week  stitch of the  needlework challenge TAST2010

This stitch was quite an easy one  to work. And  it resembled twisted chain st.

The first 4 lines were done in threads of different thickness, got the hang of this stitch-

Rope st samp-1

In this line, I did  the zigzag variation  and added beads.

The sixth line -Just alternatively varied the length of each stitch.

 the next one,four lines of the stitch in a wave pattern.

Rope st samp-2

Brown bugle beads were added to a line .

Four stitches were slanted alternatively to form a line, with some antique gold sequins.

Rope st sam-3

Next I tried  to do this as a version I saw in Encyclopedia of emb sts.It was refered as satin with a outline.

After this I just played with this stitch a while.In these variations-the needle was taken out with a very small insertion, leaving a small curve at at the end.

Rope st samp-5

Inthese two lines I laced and whipped the lines of Rope stitch.

Rope st samp -5

And this is my full sampler-

Rope st sampler

While browsing the flickr gallery of this challenge I came   across this information from my friend Jowynn.

Since the sampler was already done, I just used the  alternative   in  my project-

Rope stitch