Being the first day of this year, I started the graph pattern which is posted on this Randje per week challenge. This medallion is special for Jan 1st. the challenge starts 3rd Jan, the day after tomorrow. There are two choices for this starting piece. Before reading the post fully, this pattern was started, then realization came. Might do the other one later.Thought this will be finished today, but that was not possible, the work in progress-

RPW-A working

RPW-A working

This ablong weave cloth called ‘matti’ cloth was bought in India some time ago. The crosses worked on these are either longer or broader depending on the direction they are worked. I am also trying to save time [on splitting cotton skeins] and use the odd variegated polyester threads. Weird colour combinations are waiting to happen! Starting with copper and black variegated thread-

RPW-fabric, thread

RPW-fabric, thread

I have developed a reaction to the summer sun, a viral infection with unknown cause, is manifested as  an allergy – lots of irritation on my eyes, ears and neck.Very inconveneint  too. 

 now getting on with my post-
I was thinking of ideas to use embroidery, crochet and tatting on doilies.
Then an idea of making a oval doily interested me.
The idea-
To embroider in cross stitch, create a new design, to use red colour.
The aida cloth was perfect for it.
The design , I mix and matched some of my own cross stitch patterns,Used the font from a cross stitch book. I had heard that some stitch diploma students tried presenting other people’s work , to get their certificate, to avert their interest, I embroidered the year also.
Later I decided not leave my projects with strangers.
I was still an internet novice in 2005 . Inspiration was minimal. The finished doily-

cross stitch doily- oval

I am still thinking of attaching a border- made with lace or crocheted or tatted. after 6 years, That is yet to happen!

I was learning tatting, and tried some edgings
Then came an idea of doing the edging on a square cloth.
why not do a motif on that cloth?
Why not do a cross stitch pattern on that cloth/
With these in mind, I designed and worked a cross stitch pattern on Cream Aida cloth.
After completing the embroidery, the edging was tatted as per plan.
The doily-

cross stitch doily with tatted edging

I actually tried two more, but only this edging came out properly[?]

When I initially started browsing the net for embroidery, I stumbled upon so many things. It was like a fantasy world filled with my favourite things.
Along with the fascination , came the ideas for doing these wonderful things.
After some time I came back to the real world! LOL!
This sampler was during the second phase.
I tried some speciality stitches in counted thread, then made them into a sampler. When I filled with gratitude , stitched ”give thanks” on it.
The frame is from IKEA.The sampler was designed to fit snugly inside the frame.
I don’t even remember the name of the stitches!
The speciality stitches sampler-

speciality stitch sampler

The monograms seen here, I did for my brother-in-law and his wife, when we visited them.
Pattern- I don’t remember where I took the pattern from, but I incorporated their initials on the basic pattern.
Frame- I got this from a local shop, with three apertures, two for their initials and one for their photo. Actually, the idea came after buying the frame.
The frame-

monograms-B& K

I have been thinking of doing one for us, but that hasn’t started yet.

Sometimes my husband allows me to try embroidery on his shirts. This is one such occasion.This is a store bought shirt in blue.
I chose a simple border repeat pattern for this.
The whole stitching is done in mono colour in back stitch.And further to personalize this shirt,I embroidered a”G”[rather lopsided] over the pocket.

Embroidered blue shirt

Maybe I am a little fond of Roman[ or is it greek?] patterns.

This is closeup of the embroidery.

Embroidered blue shirt- closeup

This doily I did in way back 2005.I was doing a needle work course with a lady in Chennai.As a part of the course, I had to do some[means lot]  projects in embroidery, crochet, tatting and  counted thread. I did a few.

Then I came to know that, I have to leave these projects with the  course evalutors for considerable length of time, but there were no real  rules to  safeguard the projects that were sent there. I backed out of the whole  thing .I continued with the projects for  my satisfaction.But this doily was done before the awareness , So it has the intials and year on it.

I wanted to make  large tatted edging intially, but that was not working for this , doily with the cut big edging-

Tatted \blue doily -1

 I don’t remember where I got the cross stitch pattern. The doily now-

Blue cross stitched doily

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