The work with peach thread and stones was completed. It is good to start small projects running along with long projects. The enthusiasm does not diminish during long projects because of these small ones. Over the week, the work on this cream fabric with blue silk thread continued.
I also started the work on neutral colour tussar with gold metallic thread. Both the projects will take a lot of time.
It is time to work a small project. This striped fabric is also tussar silk. A simple neck design was drawn. And the same was traced on to cream colour silk cotton fabric. More details on next post.



For some time, I  had the idea of  doing a whole project in satin stitch.The inspiration came from seeing-persian/chinese/chinai embroidery on some designer satin silk sarees.The embroidery is done in single colour.This time, it was aneck pattern , not the usual yoke pattern.I had a pink salwar[I ndian tunic pants]. The fabric was a chiffon in a very dark blue.It is not possible[ or just plain hard] to do satin st on chiffon. So a blueish pink silk cotton was chosen to do the embroidery.The embroidered piece before attaching to the tunic-

embroidery on neck

The pattern is taken from persian embroidery design, I tilted the motifs to my reqiurements for the neckline.

 The completed tunic-

blue and pink tunic

It looks better in real than in picture!