Last week’s stitch half bullioned chain stitch on SSS challenge was attempted, struggled and completed on Saturday. This week’s stitch looks a bit difficult, have to try after this weekend.
This week’s stitch on TAST challenge has closed herringbone stitch, which was worked on earlier challenge. This stitch was worked on allover continuous pattern, which did not require any variations. Posting on FB group page may not be necessary.
Project details
Cream linen tunic in kutchwork

The designing is nearing completion. Then begins the process on tracing. The pattern has three parts. Neck, and two borders. These have to be coordinated while tracing the pattern on the cream fabric. This fabric is a light weight soft cotton, easier for this work. The kutchwork design is drawn on 5 mm graph, so the embroidery may not be too thick worked with two strands of thread.
The simple embroidery on bright green tunic was completed. The tiny pleats are used as outlines and two borders were worked – back stitch in dark green and double cross stitch in light green threads.
Round mirrors were worked on the neck with pink thread. It feels good to work simple embroidery and complete the project in two days work. The green cotton fabric is not very soft, still looks bright. Have to see the effect after washing.
This week there was not much time to work the zardosi embroidery. I have started filling with the violet zardosi beads on the flowers.

I am working on this month’s stitch explorer -Pattern Darning. Needle weaving  Iam yet to start,mixed media and contemporary style Iam yet to comprehend.

Iam using ‘Ikat weave ‘ to help me in exploring this stitch.My first few steps-

first 6 patterns

first 6 patterns

Iam using perle is not producing the effect. I ‘ll start using stranded cotton too[4 strands].This time it is not a band sampler,Just small patterns.

Flora had enquired on embroidering on tunics.I  have been working  on tunics  for some time now.

1st step-choosing the pattern for the tunic.[from fashion shows,magazines etc]

2nd step-Incorprating  it to my requirements.

3rd step- choosing fabric ,colours.stitches

4th step-Drawing the pattern on paper.

5th step-tracing or copying the pattern on to fabric.

6th step-colour co ordinating with embroidery strands.

 7th step-Actual working on the piece, I spend atleast   2 hours  a day on that piece and alternate betwwen large and small projects.

The first 6 steps are done over a period of many weeks[which leaves me  with lots of UFO’s],

once the piece is  designed and ready for embroidery, I work continously till it is completed .

Hope this answers your question.