While visiting sharon”s blog-www.pintangle.com.I found the bloggerschallenge-why do you blog?

I have been embroidering for more than 20 years,but was not progressing much. Internet browsing opened a new world for me-I learnt so many new things in this field, it started with Sharon’s stitch dictionary, from there-new types of embroidery, new techniques,colour co-ordination,focus,designing ideas,various designs- to name a few.

 I am happy and overflowing with all these eye candies.I feel I owe a lot to so many of these people.

This blog helps me-Share my ideas, lessons,designs,knowledge,inspirations,interests,meet like minded people.learn from others responses,motivate myself.learn computer skills, feel part of the stitching community.Focus on my prioirities.

 This is my needle school, each and every post is my assignment, working for the project becomes my home work, taking pictures and detailing them is my record book , other things in my life is vacation time, my whole life is the progress report.

cream kutch work

cream kutch work

hi ,

today I was watching some programmes on tv,while embroidering my yoke piece,

A speaker by name, Bharathi bhaskar,gave a very thought provoking information-that we seem to talk less and less to each other, but are using more and more harsh words to communicate our thoughts.

and also, only our goals  determine the choices of our actions.

todays photo is also of my earlier work. I designed this yoke on a graph paper.