10bI can’t beleieve I have not been posting for  more than a month,

Ineed to be more organised, The completed stitches of this challenge-6

I am working on some small projects at the moment .they  are all  gifts for the family.some cross stitched towel edgings,and a few embroidered lingerie pouchs.

7I have finished the first twelve stitches of this challenge.



The next one-


There so many french knots to do, since I am not using beads-


I have not started the next set of stitches yet-


I ‘ll tell about my projects on the next post

The fourth stitch of this stitch challenge-4

The fabric doesn’t look like green at all.I am trying out new colour combinations This could end as a colour sampler too.I enjoy doing these challenges more than I thought I would,but lack of  proper organising is very frustrating .

I want to do some personalised gifts for my new niece-in law.Iam browsing the books and internet for ideas. I want them to be practical too.Iam still unable to decide on the projects.I found so many bead projects,ornaments,paper techniques. Innumerable eye candy available, Iam totally amazed and humbled by the projects done by these people.

Sharon has again provided so many blogs in the letter’B’. I had such a good time browsing them,I find it a enjoyable past time to see the projects of others.Iam also working on a tunic, which I feel is taking  too much of time, sometimes it happens like that, I”l be happy to finish this yoke.Because of this, there seems to be a’design block’ -if I can call it that.

This is the third stitch of this challenge.

The fabric is the same light green cloth, the picture  taken shows a different shade.

At present I am designing a green tunic, where I make use of some seam treatments.The most tedious part is the designing, I feel.Requires total concentration, the basic idea of how the finished project will look-should be imagined i this stage itself. I also finished a towel edge for my nephew with his name, picture of which I ‘ll post after  it is given to him.I chose the fonts from the antique Ebooks from the net.I love designing names for a reason- I have a very lousy handwriting! I can compensate for that in this way.Embroidered name looks better than than the written one.3