These past two days after the festivities were productive stitch wise.
I started on the Beyond TAST sampler. The earlier stitch samplers have to be looked into for  more stitch ideas.
Today the recent SSS challenge stitch sampler was also started. It is not a complicated stitch is my observation at this point. The possibility of doing it wrong or inventing a new stitch have to be considered!
Keeping aside the Kashmiri embroidery for the time being, a new embroidery project on an aqua green tunic fabric was started. The tailor had marked and given the tunic front. Started with stem stitch. The pattern is floral.

Detailing these embroidery samples on this fabric book is like writing a daily journal. One or two samples are worked and pictures are taken during the day. Evenings are for writing the details. This is the routine. Though the stitches are simple, some focus and dedication are prerequisite for the actual embroidery work. It is really interesting learning like this.
These leaf shapes are worked in satin stitches- with cotton skein and fine silk thread in the centre.



These leaves are worked in satin stitch and stem stitch.

9ESBP-1satin stem

9ESBP-1satin stem

Rambler rose stitch and satin stitches are used on these circles inside the circle.



I have been working on the first page of embroidery sampler book.
Today this flower was stitched with stem stitch in two shades of perle cotton # 8. These samples are really interesting.

6ESBP-1stemst flower

6ESBP-1stemst flower

This part is some samples worked in satin stitch, straight stitch, running stitch and french knots.



Another fly stitch variation was stitched in the corner.



For this stem stitch sampler, I worked on some floral patterns. The sampler-

15.stem stitch sampler

The details, a flower worked in violet and pink-

15.stem st-7a

I added bugle beads-

15.stem st-7b

A leaf pattern done in six colours.

15.stem st-8

Another leaf pattern detail-

15.stem st-9

Another detail with gold beads.


Leaves outlined with stem stitch filled with green bugle beads.


Eagerly waiting for the next stitch in the TAST challenge.

When the 15th week stitch of the TAST 2012 challenge was on SharonB’blog, I was on stitch -free vacation. Now that I have completed this week’s wheatear stitch, thought of working on stem stitch sampler. I don’t see many ideas regarding this stem stitch, though I have used it before on my embroideries. This led to the practicing of stem stitch on some floral designs.
Floral petals worked in three shades-


Paisley pattern in four colours.


Flower in two colours.


A design done in blue and light violet.


Shaded effect with stem stitch filling.


A flower in three colours.