The embroidery on yoke is fully completed and the yoke is sewn on to the tunic.

blue/green tunic-1

Another picture-

blue/green tunic-2

The yoke is 16 inches in height and 11 inches in width.

After completing this tunic, I observed that I had used too many printed material . It would have been better if one of them was plain.
Another aspect, is I should have used complimenting fabrics for yoke and tunic, it might have enhanced the total project. I keep learning in each and every project I work.
On my next post where I tried contrasting the yoke fabric.

The large yoke is completed with beige thread and pink sequins.The sequins were last minute additions. The completed yoke-

blue/green tunic-yoke completed

I placed the embroidered yoke on the tunic to see the effect.

blue/green tunic yoke

The completed tunic on my next post.

The yoke for this tunic is done in repeating pattern. Since the pattern was simple,I made a large yoke.
The colours-
Pink for the detached chain,, lighter shade of the tunic colour and beige for the step pattern.
The yoke , while working the pink thread-

blue /green tunic- yoke WIP

The yoke , after completing two threads-

blue/ green tunic -yoke 2

Another post on the embroidery on this yoke.