The different motifs in this tunic were all detailed on my previous posts.generally these motifs are used in bags, wall hangings,cushions, yokes,etc. I wanted to use it this way because, the tunic otherwise looked quite dull, and I thought, with this background fabric colour, various colour combinations can be experimented.
Now for the whole tunic, as I mentioned earlier, it was hard to take the whole picture with clarity, so I have taken it in three parts.

tunic with different motifs-1

The second part-

tunic with different motifs-2

The third part.

tunic with different motifs-3

The tunic in its full glory!

tunic with different motifs

Though I had drawn the motifs in a straight line on the paper, it was quite a feat to copy it on the fabric.I could have managed with a single line ,more than one was very difficult, the lines on the side took lots of effort, but once the pattern was drawn on the cloth, the embroidery was just repeating every motif thrice.I really enjoyed working on these motifs.

I made these roses in 2004, when we first came to this house.
The idea started with finding four wooden frames. I liked them so much, that wanted to do some flowers as a set.
I had a few cross stitch designs books from India. These were very small books which had cross stitch designs taken from other big cross stitch pattern books. the book size -10’ / 8’. The patterns were quite small too.
After going through these books, I had a desire of doing some roses. From all the rose patterns I chose four.
The choice was for two big roses with buds for two frames, and two medium roses for the other two.
Then I decided to do the patterns in four different colour schemes. The interesting part was choosing the dark to light shades of the same colour, to synchronise with the actual patterns. The details of the frames from the next post