This the third towel edging in this set. The pattern source is the same.I satisfied with using  2 colours[as if I had many choices with this PINK background]. I used one of the borders in cross stitch.The patterns are in black and white, which is easier to work with.the third towel-

Floral towel edging-3

I just used the border pattern and its inverse. the closeup-

Floral towel edging-3 closeup

Just one more to go.

In 2009, I worked four towel edgings in cross stitch.

 Isaw a towel,edged with evenweave cloth, this  idea inspired me to buy a towel cloth and  an evenweave[rectangular or matti] cloth from Bombay deing store in  Chennai.

 Then I asked the tailor to attach  these two fabrics and edge it with lace. He was able to make four towels.

The patterns for these towels I took from Antique pattern library.

the first one-

towel edge-1 WIP


Yes, They are all pink towels, I was trying to hide the fact  till now!

The finished towel-

towel edge-1

I’ll continue with my towel edging story.

After joining the post a week challenge, Iam motivated to write more posts.