dubai-dec-2008082dubai-dec-2008080These  past few I got hooked on browsing different types of embroideries.My mind is filled with so many ideas,I do have to work much more than Iam doing now. I wish I had started on this road much earlier,though Ihave been embroidering for the past 24 years, it was not a continous hobby.I worked ,whenever I felt like it.I was also thinking, it was just a passing fancy, I might loose interest  after a few years. But the desire woudn’t go away. So in 2005 I concluded I’ll see what all I can possibly do with my interests.I focused on designing, implementing, using, my ideas into my hobby based projects. Initially it has started with designing tunics.Since august 2008, I thought I’ll broeden my horizons. I joined stitichin fingers, I started bloging, I joined stitch challenge and my personal stitch challenges also keep changing according to my learning new things everyday.Though I have not made much of a progress, Iam happy being part of this.It keeps me alert, helps me  on personal and emotional level,gives me fulfillment,gives me support, hope it’ll make me a better person too.

We were on a visit to Dubai. The shopping malls there were quite amazing. Different architecture,country themes, styles,- I had wonderful time.We don’t get many books in Muscat,I bought 3 books in The Dubai Mall, to enable my hobbies. I bought  evenweave fabric too.Now I have more work to do.

 I am doing cross stitch border for a tunic, it is taking a lot of time. I also finished 3 TAST stitches,which I’ll post in the next few days.the picture is from Ibn batuta mall-