We went to Dubai for the weekend. Progress on Parsi embroidery was stand still for the three days. I am still working on the yellow french knots on these flowers.
Working on the first sleeve. The tunic front is completed. One more sleeve to go. Then this project will be completed from my end. Then the tailor will do his work. A pink legging and same pink scarf is bought to match this tunic.
After completing this project I will resume the stitch challenges and SALs.

Once I saw a fully embroidered designer coat on a magazine. The stitch was mainly padded satin. though I wanted to do that immediately on a tunic, being wary, decided to do a small motif.
Fabric- Mercerised ikat cotton in blue and pink.
Pattern- a small traditional Indian motif.
Embroidery-Stem stitch,satin stitch for leaves and padded satin for flowers.

bluepink ikat tunic

The flowers would have looked better, if I had used a thread with sheen.